Friday 8 February 2019

Friday Fics Fix - What If?

'He was strangely touched that Sherlock had remembered his fondness for meringue.'

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I'm not sure I like this week's fic...

'...wait, wait, wait! Cee, are you saying you're recommending something you don't even like?'

Yes, hypothetical nerdlet, yes I am.

Why? Because even though I'm not sure I like it, I am sure that it's interesting.

And that's what it's about right?!

Taking that thread of life from our favourite shows, movies, books, whatever, and making it effing shine!

Making it morph into something new and fresh and potentially beautiful!

Recognisable as the thing we love and yet entirely it's own individual piece - transformed into something that takes aspects of the original and runs with them!

...OK, sometimes I get a little carried-away with the love of fanfiction.

(I'm a passionate little so-and-so don'tcha know?)

Maybe it's better if I just talk about this week's fic? 😅

*nervous laughter*

This week's fic is from the BBC Sherlock fandom.

(Where all of the most original ideas come from, after all 😉)

The set-up will be familiar to most Sherlockians in that it's largely a beautifully written prose adaptation of the best man's speech at John Watson's wedding.

(I don't care if that sounds on the pretentious-side, I'm on a roll goddammit!)

...And then it veers off.

It takes that scenario and says, 'what if?'

What if John had noticed that there were more to those words than just friendship? What if there was more to that speech than just friendship?

And it's that kind of beautifully, precisely, executed experimentation that I love to see in fanfiction.

(Although it does get docked a few points for the ableism in words like 'crazy.')

Do I like this fic?

I have no idea... but I'm totally recommending it.

This week's fic, then, is:

It's Always Been You by sherlockandjohn2010

Do you think fanfiction should be experimental?
Would you recommend something you didn't necessarily like?
Talk to me! 😎💬

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  1. I would totally recommend something I didn’t necessarily like! I do this especially with fantasies, because I’m not particularly fond of them but I know so many people are! So if the concept is cool, I say, give it a go!

    1. Yeah I totally agree. Some books I don't particularly care for but I know lots of people who love them.

  2. So... I'm confused (what's new LOL) I think I may be just a "cinematographically" speaking Sherlockian? I haven't found a story I like yet but lovbe the movies :)

    1. Ok, firstly, you're thinking of the books, yes? In 'modern' fandom, we tend to call book fans Holmesians. Some of them still refer to themselves as Sherlockians, but most of the Sherlockians online are fans of BBC's Sherlock (which I will now make more clear in the post!) A lot of people are fans of *everything* Sherlock Holmes, so there's a lot of lap-over, it's also thought to be the world's oldest fandom. #TrueStory.

      I'd probably refer to you as a Downey Holmesian, since I think those are the films you're talking about. But Downey Sherlockian works too ;)


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