Friday 15 February 2019

Friday Fics Fix - Yer a Wizard ...Ianto?

'“Ianto?” Jack was looking down from his office.  He slowly descended the steps.  “One of your friends is the Minister for Magic.”'

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I'm starting to come to the conclusion that literally everything has been mixed with Harry Potter in fanfiction-form.

Kind of like the magical PG version of Rule 34

...Well, mostly PG.

...Well, some of it's PG.

...Well, this fic doesn't have any sex, ok?!

(If you don't know what rule 34 is, I advise protecting your innocence and not looking it up. You can't unknow it!)

OK. *deep breaths* So, this week's fic crosses Harry Potter with Torchwood.

...I know right?!

Who'da thunk it?!

If you're not familiar with Torchwood, it's a Doctor Who spin-off that's a little like Men In Black... only set in Cardiff Bay.

Fun fact - I briefly had an office job in Cardiff Bay, and I passed the Ianto shrine every lunch break 👍

You gotta love nerd-pilgrimages.

Since Doctor Who is made here anyway, it was kind of natural really.

It's not just Doctor Who - Wales also makes Sherlock, Merlin, Casualty, and a butt-tonne of other stuff.

I reckon our main export is drama.

(Also, if anyone at the tourist board is reading this - I do a lot of unpaid work for you on this blog! Sponsorship, please? 😅) 

'Ianto elegantly arched a brow.  “The time turners were destroyed during the Battle of the Department of Mysteries,” he said blandly.

Jack began to have a very bad feeling.

“And it has occurred to us that you were present at that battle, Mr. Jones.”'

This is one of those fics where I think you'll get the most out of it if you've actually seen Torchwood (and seen and/or read Harry Potter.)

Otherwise you're gonna have to resign yourself to not knowing what's being referenced.

Which I usually don't care about, but the rest of you might get pi**ed off. (And I'd rather you didn't get pissed off at me.)

This fic is also the first in a two-part series but I personally (sorry, fic author) don't like the second part.

I think it's kind of over-dramatic and also weirdly judgemental at the same time.

So that's why I'm recc'ing the first part only.

Oh, and in case you hadn't realised, in this fic Ianto is actually wizard.

I love Ianto.

Not least 'cos his on-screen relationship with Jack was the first recurring same-sex couple I'd seen in sci-fi - and he's Welsh! 😀

Warning, though, this fic has references to torture, and symptoms of PTSD.

Stay safe dearest nerdlets!

This week's fic, then, is:

If I Could Turn Back Time by st_mick

Have you seen Torchwood?
Do you know of any interesting Harry Potter cross-over fics?
Talk to me! ❤💬

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