Friday 29 March 2019

Friday Fics Fix - Mischief-Making

'Peter turned around and left the lab area in a calm and orderly fashion*.

*in this situation, calm and orderly means that Peter sprinted the f**k away from there, trying not to scream.

And he continued this way, all the way to the quarters where Loki was staying, slamming the door open to reveal Shuri painting Loki’s nails.'

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Argh, the realism of the surrealism of it all is just awesome! 😅

Basically, Shuri (from Black Panther) and Peter (Spider-Man) are internet trash together, and then they drag Loki in because... well Loki didn't need much convincing.

The combination is just amazing.

Plus we have two of the randomly-specific tropes I love: Tony as Peter's father-figure, and Loki and Peter being strangely appropriate friends!

And they manage to totally mess with pretty much all of the other Avengers.

I love it. Did I mention that?!

I think it appeals to my rebellious side 😎 (...and, more likely, the part of me which watches way too many YouTube videos!)

'“He’s your dad now, it’s canon.”'

You see?! This fic is speaking my language!

(I'm totally an adult. Honest.

...I'm just an adult who refuses to dim my enthusiasm dammit!)

(Fangirling notes: canon is official stuff that happens in books, films, etc.)

It's also LGBTQ+ inclusive dammit!

Loki uses they/their in this fic - which actually makes total sense with the comics on account of Loki being different genders at different times.

(Seriously, comics-Loki is hella Queer and it pi**es me off that movie-Loki is not!)

There's also an M/M pairing and two other Bi characters.

This week's awesome fic is:

Disaster Trio™ by Hittinmiss

(I'm loving the title, btw!)

What superheroes would you wanna see as friends?
Do you like the randomness of fandom(-ness)?
Talk to me! 😍💬

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  1. Wow this sounds pretty awesome! Shuri painting Loki's nails... that kills me.


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