Friday 19 April 2019

Friday Fics Fix - Easter in Haven

(Warning: discussions of chronic illness and ableism)

'Audrey and Nathan dashed into the Grey Gull, each imagining terrible scenarios. None of their fears involved Duke with a spatula in hand, staring at the bar.'

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One of my favouritest TV shows of all time is Haven.

If you haven't heard of it, then I'm not angry, just disappointed (not in you - in Society in general! 😅)

Haven was (extremely loosely) based on The Colorado Kid by Stephen King, with a whole bunch of other Stephen King elements chucked in for good luck.

Then they gave it some pretty actors, batsh** weird plots, and a sense of humour, and called it a series.

And it was totally awesome dammit!!!!!

And yes, I'm totally biased towards this show, because there's a 3-6 month period of my life from which all I can remember is the episode plots of Haven, Arrow, and Sleepy Hollow.

I sh** you not - pretty much all of the rest of that time period is a total f**king blur of flu-related gut convulsions, exhaustion, and then labyrinthitis.

(And yes, I would catch the f**king illness with the name like a David Bowie movie! It's a lot less fun. Believe me.)

Duke Crocker as played by Eric Balfour
Via Giphy

This is Duke Crocker (played by Eric Balfour.) I told you there were pretty people 😅😍

Slightly brooding/gothic TV shows were apparently the only thing my brain was processing.

...That and a lot of pain, and the stress of dropping out of uni with everyone looking at me like I totally failed and was faking it; including the doctor, who would only believe me when I practically screamed at her. 

Being ill is not fun, and anyone who has had prolonged periods of illness is my total f**king hero, cos aside from the actual illness, which is bad enough, people treat you like sh**.

But let's move away from the dark direction this post has meandered into, and back to the fanfiction! 😅

This is Easter-themed fanfiction which is actually CLEAN!

(Every time I search for holiday-themed fanfiction, I remember why this was a bad plan... save your innocence kids! Let me trawl through the trash of the internet for you instead! 😅)

So in Haven, everything turns out to have a spooky and/or gothic edge.

Called The Troubles (def. NOT related to the Northern Ireland Troubles,) people develop powers that make them more super-villain than superhero - with an edge of general Stephen King-ness on top.

So obviously, not every Easter Egg in Haven is just an Easter Egg...

This week's fic is:

Easter Surprise by meridian_rose (meridianrose)

Have you seen Haven?
What is the best Easter special/twist you've seen (in canon - official stuff - or in fanfiction)?
Talk to me! 😃💬

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  1. oooh We LOVED Haven too. I felt like it didn't end well? Or maybe I never saw the last season? ❤️

    1. There was an end twist which I personally felt made NO FREAKING SENSE *takes a deep breath* but these things happen *shrugs* I also felt like Duke deserved a more explained ending.

      I'm so glad you loved it!!!!!!!!!!!! So many people don't know about it and I'm like - IT'S AMAZING GODDAMIT!!!! Lol :)


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