Thursday 18 April 2019

Comics Wrap-Up - And I Looked Up and Saw the Sun And That Was All That I Saw

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Ok *rubs greedy fangirl paws together* - we got a lot of Marvel and superheroes and capes and all that jazz this week dearest nerdlets!

Let's do this!

Film Trailers

A new X-Men: Dark Phoenix trailer just dropped!

And, dare I say it... it looks kinda... good.

Still, Jean Grey and the Phoenix saga have a history of being disappointing af. So I'm being careful not to get my hopes up too high!

(Warning: flashing images)

dividing line
Right, we gotta talk Avengers: Endgame now, don't we? 😉

And whoever's editing these is doing a damn good job of bigging up the epicness while giving NOTHING away. Like dude, throw us a bone, y'know?!?!

(Warning: flashing images in all)

Here's the long trailer:

And the li'l ones:

Rocket Racoon + Ant-Man = genius!

Brie Larson is barely in this next trailer, but DAMN I couldn't stop looking at her! *fans self*

I love Hawkeye. Why don't we get more Hawkeye? (- every Hawkeye fan knows what I mean)


I saw Shazam! this week - and really enjoyed it!

Shazam: 'you''re like a bad guy right?'
Via Giphy

It's a lot of fun, and I think we could all do with some fun, really.

It might not be for everyone though - I can see some people finding it too silly and frivolous.

Other Stuff

Disney+ (Disney's new streaming service) announced their line-up - including all of the superhero shows they've got in the works.

Which I'm sure is great for people who can afford unlimited streaming service subscriptions, but is really annoying for those of us without the money/access.

And aside from that, there's so much Marvel media right now that I don't think it's physically possible to keep up with ALL of it! 👍

(Also, two things I've told you before, Marvel: 1. You SUCK at jeopardy. 2. NO-ONE cares about Vision and Wanda as a romantic couple. Quit trying to make it happen. It's not going to happen!)

What do you think of the Disney+ outline?
What do you think of the Dark Phoenix trailer?
Have you seen Shazam! -?
Talk to me! 😀💬

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Last updated: 21st April 2019


  1. I find Disney + a little unnecessary?? We have so many other streaming services available as is, and Disney movies are already available on Netflix, so why do we really need another one?

    1. Disney have been cutting down on the stuff Netflix can show for a while - I think you'll find that's there's less and less Disney on Netflix going on. The Disney+ announcement actually knocked a butt-tonne of value off Netflix's stock-price... so whether unnecessary or not, it looks like it's being taken as a serious rival to 'flix!

  2. I am cautiously optimistic about Dark Phoenix. Disney+ seems like a no brainer for this Disney fan!

    1. 'Cautiously optimistic' feels like the epitome of a mood for the X-Men fandom ;) I hope you enjoy all the Disney-ness!!!! :)

  3. It's going to be great to see the finale of the Avengers!! ❤️ I do like Xmen but it always seems hit or miss so I really hope Dark Phoenix comes together. I want to see the jane Grey story told well.

    1. Hopefully Endgame can live up to expectations!

      I'm not a fan of Jean Grey herself, but the Dark Phoenix storyline is kind of a big deal in canon, so, yeah, I'd like to see it done well too! :)


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