Wednesday 17 April 2019

Micropoetry - February + March 2019

I have a challenge for you for this Micropoetry post, dearest nerdlets! 😉

See if you can figure out what type of music I was listening to with each of these (there's only two, so it's not too bad!)

(This is just for fun, obv.)

I'll give you a clue: I was either listening to rap, emo, heavy metal, or opera.

So, here's my Micropoetry for February and March:

As always, the poetry is in the alt-text of the graphics for those using screen-readers, with / marks showing line-breaks.

21st Feb// Working like a dog every single day / Gonna make it in my own way. / Not so easy, maybe, not so smooth, / But I got a lot to prove. / Somehow, in some way, / Every dog has it's day.

dividing line

26th March// Lookin' up at me on my stage - / Wonderin' what I'm gonna sing?/ But I started a long time ago, / Honey, weren't you listening?

So, what music do you think I was listening to when I wrote these?
What do you think of them?
Talk to me! 😎💬

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  1. Ok for the first one my guess is rap... though I kinda also want to say opera just because it’s the most surprising choice! The second one, maybe emo?

    1. ---SPOILERS for anyone else who wants to comment later! (Cos apparently people read the comments sections - who knew?)---

      2/2 Em - rap & emo, in that order!

      Why is opera surprising? I just listed genres I listen to! (oops!) I love me some opera! XD Though I def. listen to less of it now than when I was a kid. I was one weird li'l six year old, to be fair!

    2. Yay I was right! I didn’t mean it’s surprising to like opera- my family actually loves it! I just meant it would be surprising if you were listening to it when writing that particular poem, because it doesn’t sound like an opera poem. I thought you might’ve thrown us for a loop there haha!

    3. Pahaha! What does an opera poem sound like - people stabbing each other and running off with their best friend's one true love? ;)

  2. The first one rhymed so I would guess rap for that. The second not so sure, metal?

    1. ---SPOILERS for anyone who wants to guess the music I was listening too!---

      They both rhymed, but the first was in couplets(-ish) and yeah, I was listening to rap.

      I was actually listening to emo for the second - I went to see Panic! in March and pretty much listened to Panic the entire month! :)

  3. I swear I didn't look at the comments until I made my guesses, and I got them both right! Yay me lol. And both poems are great, so yay you too :-)

  4. Wow it is difficult when you love of them so much! I can't choose a favourite and I especially relate to the first one even though I relate to both!


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