Thursday 9 May 2019

Comics Wrap-Up - Running Away and Hiding With You, I Never Thought They'd Get Me Here

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Please and thank you. #Don'tSpoilTheEndgame

But despair not! I have some ultra-interesting vids and links to fulfil all your superhero-nerd-itches! (Well... maybe not *all* of 'em - there's enough weird sh** on the Internet without me adding to it!)

Film Trailers

I'm avoiding the new Spidey trailer on account of Tom Holland telling me there's spoilers (which is so ironic...) so I skipped right on to the new li'l Dark Phoenix trailer!

I love the flash of Nightcrawler's fangs we get here! 👍

(Warning: flashing images)

Other Stuff

Just for you, dearest nerdlets, I have some awesome graphic novel reviews from some awesome bloggers:

dividing line
And in the first of two awesome analysis videos I've got for ya (because nerds love the deep-dive dammit!) looking at very specific areas of superhero media, YouTube's LegalEagle looks at the legal status of Marvel's Sokovia Accords.

(Warning: v. mild flashing images, SPOILERS for pre-Endgame Marvel movies)

Run-time: 17.17

dividing line
And to finish off this week is Claudia Boleyn's fascinating video on how The Umbrella Academy deals with the fallout of child abuse and trauma.

(Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS, deep discussion of: childhood abuse/neglect, trauma, emotional issues, substance abuse and addiction, pseudo-incest, and general family issues.)

Run-time: 34.07

Do you like analysis of media through different lenses?
Are you looking forward to Dark Phoenix?
Talk to me! ❤💬

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  1. Haven’t watched the Spider-Man trailer either and it’s KILLING ME. Although, I’m pretty sure a lot of Endgame has been spoiled for me already :(

    1. General internet chatter has *suggested* some spoilers to me - but not in enough detail for me to be sure, luckily.

      That sucks *hugs* if it's any consolation, a kid in our school shouted out spoilers to the Half-Blood Prince the week the book came out, I just told myself he might be making up sh** (he wasn't, but telling myself that helped! Lol.)


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