Friday 31 May 2019

Friday Fics Fix - Dream Girl, Outta This World

'Which reminded her, Kara and Alex were still there, and they were both trying very hard to pretend they weren’t watching the way that Nia was very clearly staring at Brainy.'

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I love the Supergirl TV series.

I also absolutely adore the Supergirl characters, Brainy and Nia Nal.

And I ship the thing, SO HARD. Lol.

(Fangirling notes: I ship the thing = I support this romantic and/or sexual relationship)

This post is gonna have some v. mild SPOILERS for the latest Supergirl series.

V. v. mild. Tbh, the average trailer probably gives more away, but I figured I'd warn you *shrugs* I'm nice like that! 😉

So, where do I go once the series is finished, and I need the awkward-but-sweet Brainiac 5, and the bad-a**-but-gentle Nia Nal?

Fanfiction of course!

Where else would I go?!

Brainy is a cyborg alien from the future, Nia, aka Dreamer, is the Transgender daughter of an alien and a human who can see the future in her dreams.

They're both ridiculously sweet and CLEARLY made for each other!

And, it's probs worth mentioning that they're both really pretty, ok? 😅

(I have a little thing for both of them. *blushes*)

So, this week's piece of fanfiction rocks because it's like its own li'l episode of Supergirl, where Brainy battles a sentient computer virus, and Nia's her general awesome and sweet self.

Like, seriously I would watch the sh** out of this storyline!

And the author here has the characters DOWN - like, not just in their actions, but in the way that they speak and their li'l mannerisms - it's actually really impressive!

There's probs a few mild SPOILERS in the fic too, somewhere, so heads up for that!

This week's fic, then, is:

Do you watch Supergirl?
Do you know of the plot of any other fanfiction which you'd watch as a TV episode/film/whatever?
Talk to me! 😎💬

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  1. One of my favourite broadway actors, Jeremy Jordan used to be on Supergirl, and that is basically all the motivation I need to watch it lol. Now to only find the time...


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