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Nerd Church - The 9 Most Annoying Things That Have Been Said To Me About Being A Second-Generation Vegetarian

I was raised Vegetarian.

So even as Vegetarianism and Veganism has become more main-stream, I've been sat here in a unique kind of space, that not many people get to see.

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I've spent my entire life as a Vegetarian.

Which, especially when I was younger, before it became popular, did create some tensions... not least because nothing used to be labelled with a 'V' or whatever.

So, because some of the things that have been said to me I now realise are hilarious af, and some are just unbelievable, I give you the 9 most annoying things that people have said to me about being 2nd generation Vegetarian:

1. But chicken isn't like... a chicken.

Yes, yes it is. The only difference is one is alive, and one is dead.

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2. Pork/beef/sausage/insert-food-here isn't meat!

...we need better education in this country.

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3.  But fish isn't alive!

Could've fooled me, tbh.

Brendon Urie: 'Really?'
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4. But what if you tasted meat by accident and really liked it?! Would you just... not eat it?! How could you?!

Um... I'm Vegetarian because I don't believe in taking an animal's life to sustain mine when I can live on plant matter and eggs/cheese? Taste doesn't come into it.

Seth Meyers: 'No! That's Not How This Works!'
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5. But isn't your parents raising you Veggie like, indoctrination or something? They're imposing their beliefs on you!

Me and my brother kind of need food to live - funny that - and my parents couldn't just not feed us, so they decided to raise us Veggie.

That meant they didn't have to cook us dead things, and we didn't become dead things. As far as I'm concerned, if being raised Veggie is indoctrination, then so is being raised eating meat.

speech bubble: 'Uggh...'
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6. Just because YOU think we shouldn't harm God's creatures or some sh**...

...said to me by someone who considered themselves Christian.

I never mentioned God. God has nothing to do with me being Veggie.

I think maybe she had some issues that she was putting onto me, tbh.

Also, not sure why that was meant to be an insult... she was a nightmare as a 'friend' anyway *shrugs*.

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7. I don't think you like animals - you just really hate plants!

Teenage boys are soooo clever.

Sheldon from Big Bang Theory: 'No'
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8. But what if animals LIKE being eaten!

...I think this one speaks for itself.

Leo DiCaprio in Wolf of Wall Street - 'Absolutely F**king Not'
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9. But what if you were trapped on a desert island and only had animals to eat? Would you just die?!

...You'd be surprised how many times people asked me this. Like, it seemed to be the first response to learning I was Veggie.

Honestly? If everyone could stop stranding me on desert islands, that would be great! 🙈

Mean Girls: 'well, this has been sufficiently awkward'
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Are you Veggie/Vegan?
Have you ever had something which people can't help but make annoying comments about?
Talk to me! 😅💬

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  1. OMG I am a vegetarian and literally had to deal with these types of questions from my ignorant manager just yesterday! She asks me: why are you a vegetarian? I told her it’s because I love animals too much to eat them. She says: it’s the circle of life, nobody’s telling you to eat your dog.

    I don’t know why she assumed that dogs are the only animals I like. By saying animals I thought that implied the ones that we regularly eat as well. *sighs* I can’t stand when people feel the need to give their opinions on your life. I’m not preaching to them to be veggie, so stop preaching to me to eat meat!

    1. All you sinners stand up sing Hallelujah! (There's a Panic! quote for every occasion!) Totally with you - like, dude, did I ask for you to belittle and demean my ethical positions?! *sighs*

  2. Ugh. Some people oversimplify things to feel better about themselves. Usually, I am more of a live-and-let-live sort of person. I have been in the vegan and plant based realm for nearly 11 years. I heard so many of things you mention here. It's shocking how people are so far removed from their choices and their impact on other beings on the planet. Just the way people talk about food is weird. No, Karen. This is not beef. This is a dead cow who was afraid and sad and cramped up and uncomfortable. You supported this. >.> PS: see you on the deserted island. Let's make some salad.

    1. It did always really confuse me that this desert island was devoid of vegetation, but somehow full of animals - what are *they* eating? XD

      Like, I have no problem with people eating meat if they're OK with it, but dudes, please understand that it comes from living creatures who deserve a) the best quality lives while they're here, and b) your f**king respect for *giving their lives* for you! Argh! Lol.

  3. It was much worse in school! And things are def. better now than they used to be - companies mark their food as suitable for Veggies, for one thing! Ha, glad I could entertain! :) <3

  4. I am not veggie or vegan but for the environment and for reducing I have a vegetarian month every year (which I am currently in the middle of) and also have meat free meals every now and again generally! The first three are absolutely ridiculous! Meat is meat is meat :P And I also think the one about parents raising you veggie is rubbish too. Parents raise their kids certain religions or in certains ways all the time. And then when you're older or 18 you get to make your own choices. DUH!

    My recent post:

    1. My parents always told us we could eat whatever we wanted - it was our choice, they just wouldn't be cooking meat in the house, or buying us stuff made with animal products. I think it's fine to think kids shouldn't be raised in a particular way... but even if you wanna raise your kids outside of a belief system, you have to feed them!

  5. Oh my goodness, this is just plain craziness (and ignorance). Sorry you have to put up with these sorts of things all the time. (Though I'll confess that I chuckled a teensy bit at "I don't think you like animals - you just really hate plants!" I could totally hear my oldest daughter saying something snarky like that.)

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. Ugh, that one used to pi** me off - like, I didn't laugh the first time pal, what makes you think I'd laugh the 100th?! Lol.

      Things have def. got better over the years, I used to have a 'Food Technology' (cooking) teacher in school who inferred all veggies are either anorexic or violent animal rights extremists, and said that being veggie was dangerous for your health, and a 'little protest.' I was actually *shaking* with anger!


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