Friday 7 June 2019

Friday Fics Fix - How They Swing

'"Ryan and I are the best couple," he said.

Tommy held up a fist to bump. "Sell it, man. It would be hilarious if you won." Chad left him hanging with his hand in the air'

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High School Musical 2.

You all familiar? It's the one with the golf club and swimming pool and all that.

It also has massive Queer subtext...

...or a Queer conspiracy, fan theory, or Queer-baiting.

- Depending on what angle you see it from.

I'm going with subtext - either intentional or unintentional. Same game, my friends, same game.

Don't believe me? The song-and-dance number that is 'I Don't Dance' is one of the Gayest things I've ever seen.

(Along with the build-up, and the scene after it.)

Here's the song itself from Disney Italia's YouTube channel (b/c I'm nice and use the official sources when I can):

Chad and Ryan have so much sexual tension in this film that I'm honestly super-surprised it made its way into a Disney Channel movie.

Still don't believe me? They switched clothes in the next scene. #JustSaying.

The subtext is there, my friends. It's up to you if you don't wanna see it.

So, the obliviousness of so much of the audience is played with beautifully in this week's fic.

This fic has Chad and Ryan being their Queer beautiful selves... and the other characters being totally oblivious.

...Even when you can see it from space.

Like, I love you, dearest non-LGBTQ+ nerdlets, but I've discussed this oblivious factor of heteronormativity before.

Plus there are people out there on social media who honestly think Bert and Ernie are just friends. Apparently. 😅

This week's fun Queer fic then, is:

In an Oblivious Crowd by allyndra

Were you aware of the subtext in HSM2?
Do you see it as positive - e.g. beneficial subtext for the LGBTQ+ audience - or negative - e.g. Queer-baiting?
Talk to me! 😇💬

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  1. OMG I cannot believe there is a fic for this!! I totally agree that there is a lot of sexual tension in this scene. I also never thought that Ryan was straight by any stretch. It might have been too “radical” back then for a Disney movie to have a gay character, but we sure would have appreciated it.

    1. There's a lot of Chad/Ryan fics (b/c fanfiction loves a good Gay subtext!) but when I read this one with how oblivious everyone was, I was like - YES! THIS! Lol :) <3


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