Thursday 6 June 2019

Comics Wrap-Up - Why Don't You Join the Team? I Just Did

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It's that time of the week dearest nerdlets! SUPERHERO TIME! ;)


I saw Avengers: Endgame!!!!

Don't worry, this is still a spoiler-free zone, but yeah - I really liked it.

(It still has a few plot-holes lurking though. #JustSaying.)

Thor to/about Captain Marvel: I like this one
Via Giphy

It has more of a comic-book feel than a lot of superhero films.

I know that sounds weird, but what I mean is that the editing and the shot set-ups reminded me a lot of panel and page layouts in comic books and graphic novels.

I think it works.

Film Trailers

So, since I've seen Endgame, I could finally watch the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer!!!!

And like, Peter gets a lot of costume changes here - could that black suit mean Venom?! ;)

I'm partial to the Iron Spider suit myself - it's shiny! Lol.

(Warning: Endgame SPOILERS, flashing images)

dividing line

And because the marketing budget for this movie was probably bigger than the Welsh economy (I kid, but we are a poor country,) we have yet more X-Men: Dark Phoenix trailers!

(Warning: flashing images in both)

Other Stuff

If you're a Supergirl fan, then check out my latest Friday Fics Fix featuring the awesomeness that is Nia Nal and Braniac 5.

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To finish this week, here's another of the awesomely-fun Pitch Meetings from Screen Rant, this one's for The Dark Knight Rises:

(Warning: flashing images, adult humour, SPOILERS)

Are you pumped for Spider-Man?
Have you seen Endgame (spoiler-free zone for those who haven't seen it, please!)?
Talk to me!

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Last updated: 8th June 2019


  1. I still haven’t seen Endgame, and I think my window to see it is gone considering my theatre barely has showtimes for it anymore. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to wait for it to arrive on Netflix, although that does mean I still can’t see the Spider-Man trailer :(

    1. Unless you give into the spoilerage, then yeah, you'll probably have to hang-fire on the Spidey trailer... and maybe the film depending on when you get around to Endgame.

      My local cinema was down to two showings a day, and I think it's not there now, so yeah - I caught it while I could!


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