Sunday 7 July 2019

Nerd Church - The Writer Diaries: Turns Out, People Are Interested

I've never really had much confidence in my writing.

Like, objectively I know that people read this blog but... it always surprises (and delights,) me when someone comments, shares, etc. (Hint hint. Lol.)

fountain pen on an open notebook

Likewise, I'm always on edge about the fiction I write - it can't be something someone'd be interested in reading, right?

At the same time, not writing would be like not breathing. Unthinkable.

It's literally who I am - I breathe. I read. I write.

In June, I took part in a writer's hashtag on Twitter called #QWriters (Pride month version,) and am currently taking part in #LGBTQwrimo.

Both are hosted by @CandidCeillie and @AmaraJLynn (Who you should totally follow btw!)

This is where there's a question or a prompt or whatever you call it every day, and you talk about what you're working on and writing.

Both of these hashtags are for Queer writers, so I don't have to worry about pussy-footing around the str8s (sorry allocishet folks! I love you! You know I do!)

It's also nice for us Queer creators to support each other, and talk openly about LGBTQ+ aspects within our writing.

And it turns out... people are interested...? In me...? And what I'm doing...?

Maybe this shouldn't be so much of a shock, nearly 5 years into blogging, but... *waves vaguely at mental health issues* I don't always think things through logically like mentally healthy people do.

In some ways it's super awesome! (Of course it is!)

But in other ways... well, I tend to overthink things. Thanks Anxiety.

And sometimes I can't help worrying that somehow when I talk about what I'm writing, I'm making it seem better than it actually is.

Like somehow, if and when people actually read this thing, they're gonna be disappointed?

I know, I know. Logic has firmly flown out the window.

And I've gotten waaaay ahead of myself - it's nowhere near being in a position where people can read it!

That's kind of where these hashtag communities comes in handy yet again - cos the support doesn't stop.

We end up following each other, cheering for each other, chatting with each other. And it makes it all seem just a little less Big-Bad, y'know?

I've never thought of myself as a particularly social person - much less as someone who wants to talk about their writing.

Not least because I tend to go blank and forget everything about what I'm working on!

But yeah - this has been, and still is, good for me.

If it's starts being Not-So-Good, then I can always just stop, y'know?

And reminding myself that it's not a big deal either way is actually a healthy thought for once! (Can't have too many of those! The more the merrier!)

Do you have people you talk to about writing etc. online?
Have you ever thought people wouldn't be interested in your creative stuff?
Talk to me! 😊💬

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  1. I don’t really talk about my writing online, but my creative writing program has forced me to talk about writing with other students. It is nerve-wracking, but also super rewarding because I doubt I would ever do this on my own.

    1. Sometimes it can be good to step out of your comfort zone :) (As long as you're taking care, mentally/emotionally, of course!) <3

  2. Thanks! And yeah - it's a lot of fun! It directs the conversation too, so it's not just like, 'talk about your writing' (to which my answer would be 'uhhhhhh...' Lol!)


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