Friday 5 July 2019

Friday Fics Fix - Fish Tanks and Music Boxes

'Usually when her parents send her out to play (she always has to be sent) she divides her time between flower-picking (or drawing) and observing the other kids, pretending to be Jane Goodall.'

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I love Agents of SHIELD - in particular I love Fitz and Simmons (known as FitzSimmons).

This is partly because they're smart, partly because they're sweet, and partly because they're British but NOT the villains!

OK, from here on out we're in mild SPOILER territory, ok? Ok.

So in a recent episode, and due to sci-fi shenanigan-ery, we learnt that Jemma Simmons has the unhealthy habit of sticking all of her negative emotions in a metaphorical music-box.

...only due to said shenanigans the metaphor gets kind of physical, but anyways...

(Side note: this episode contains Fitz, who is Scottish, despairing of Jemma locking away said emotions by saying 'you are so English.' And YES - differentiation between English and British! That's what we need!!!)

So this fic takes that idea and examines what could've led up to this coping method in little kid-Jemma's life.

It's also #OwnVoices for autism, anxiety, and OCD.

I really think this one's well-written - and you know I love me some well-written fanfiction!

Be aware of the following, though:

- mental health problems
- mental health stigma
- challenges created by autism and stigma
- reference to attempted suicide
- unhealthy coping mechanisms

Just a note, and I know it's nit-picking, but I will nit-pick forever when it comes to animal welfare:

You should always have more than 2 neon tetras.

Neon tetras are a shoal/school fish, and I'd say 8-10 tetras is an absolute MINIMUM for happy, healthy, fish.

They will die if they're not in a shoal. And actually, some people recommend 15 minimum.

Also, be careful what other types of fish you put them in with, because they're essentially nature's food. Even other types of tetra eat them.

This week's fic, then, is:

life inside the music box ain't easy by unwindmyself

Do you watch Agents of SHIELD?
Do you know random facts about tropical fish? 😅
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  1. I don’t know random facts about tropical fish, but I do care greatly about animal welfare, so this fact was very much appreciated!

    1. There's a lot of random knowledge in my head! Lol. I read the fic, and it was like, (paraphrasing) 'had given her two neon tetras' and I'm like OH NO! Lol.


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