Thursday 22 August 2019

Comics Wrap-Up - Girls Get Up Early and Stay Out Late

Comics Wrap-Up title image with manga-style woman handing her living-shadow a flower. Because that's what you do in that situation, clearly.

It's Thursday! The day that comes after Wednesday and before Friday!

It also means superheroes and comics-y goodness here on Dora Reads! 😀

TV Trailers

Another Batwoman trailer!

This one features the DC's version of Alice (as in, 'in Wonderland' - gotta love that public domain character pool!)

Warning: flashing images

[video no longer available]

Other Stuff

If you're looking for more riffing on Queer identities via the Umbrella Academy and the fabulous Klaus Hargreeves (and who isn't?!) then check out last week's Friday Fics Fix.

dividing line

The awesome Justice League/Aquaman actor Jason Momoa has been campaigning to protect the sacred mountain Mauna Kea on Hawaii, and has been joined by fellow JL member, Ezra Miller.

dividing line
And we might not see Spider-Man or Tom Holland in the MCU (main Marvel movies) again! 😟 

Sony and Disney are having corporate-style slappy-fights over the rights.

Gif of Tom Holland as Peter Parker taking his sunglasses off and saying 'Oh my God'
Via Giphy


I think Sony are playing hardball in an attempt to get a better deal... which is dangerous to do with a corporation as big as Disney, because they're a terrifying behemoth that just buys companies who pi** them off.

...But there'll probably be a deal before it gets to that point! Disney'll figure out whether they're willing to go with what Sony wants, and there'll be an agreement.

Do you think Disney and Sony will reach an agreement?
Are you looking forward to Batwoman?
Talk to me! 😁💬

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Last updated: 12th October 2019


  1. I’m getting really annoyed at all the people hating on Sony. Disney is the real issue here, I mean, they’re asking for 50%?! I feel like Disney owns everything and I don’t blame Sony for not agreeing to that. I do think they will come to an agreement though. There will be too many angry fans if they don’t.

    1. The thing is, 50% of a fortune is better than 100% of nothing! I agree that Disney are being Disney... but that's what they do. Sony, I'm sure, asks for equally extortionate deals sometimes. That's just what corporations do - I wish it wasn't so, but *shrugs* if I knew how to change I'd have done it already! ;)


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