Wednesday 21 August 2019

Micropoetry - June + July 2019

Yes, I still write Micropoetry!

Shocking, right?

Sorry that the Micropoetry's been a little thin on the ground as of late, but *shrugs* sometimes it just goes like that.

Still, I've got two pieces of Micropoetry - one from June, one from July - for ya, so hopefully you'll like it!

As always, the poetry itself is in the alt-text for those using screen-readers, with / marks showing line-breaks.

9th June// You think it's a mask? / I never set out to wear one. / Tried every day to show my face./  But people - / People overlay your image / With the one they wanna see / And I can't help / The masks / they tied / to me

dividing line
20th July  //  You need to refine / How you define / 'cos your diction- / ary is missing a / few pages. / Remind me / How you find me / 'cos I think you're mis- / taken. / You can't streamline / Mainline / Deadline / Define / me. / I'm a verb and a noun and a paragraph / A dictionary all on my own.

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Last updated: 12th Oct 2019


  1. Yay! I’m so glad you bright micro poetry back. These are awesome, Cee!

    1. Thank you! XD <3

      It's not so much that I dropped it - more like I didn't have enough to post! Lol. :)


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