Friday 9 August 2019

Friday Fics Fix - A Little Messed Up (In the Best of Ways)

'His coat came back, sooner or later. Wasn't sure. The time kept slipping between his fingers like loose sand, pillowing at his feet, in his ears. "-job, Sherlock; you did good," John was murmuring...'

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Praise whoever may be out there listening that good quality fanfiction exists!

Really! It's out there! I'VE SEEN IT!!!!


...I love well-written, nuanced, character-exploring, theme-exploring fanfiction. (You may have noticed.)

I... it's SO good. Just, so good.

Fanfiction - as you may have heard me say repeatedly, and with possibly scary levels of passion - is the epitome of the life of... art, media, whatever the f**k you wanna call it.

Fanfiction, and similar stuff like fan-art, new adaptations, etc. is what allows a thing to truly live beyond the confines of its original medium.

And when that's done well?

The universe sings, dearest nerdlets.

(...I'm gonna play the 'my parents are hippies' card again. #JustSaying.)

So, what can I tell you about this week's fic?

Well, it's Sherlockian (that's BBC Sherlock fandom, for those who don't know,) and like most Sherlockian fanfiction, it's a little messed up (in the best of ways, ofc.)

Like, some seriously messed-up sh** happens in this fic (I'll give you a warning list later, dearest nerdlets - you know I got you covered!) but it's all done so goddamn well!

The reactions to the traumas in this fic are so carefully explored - it's excellent.

Sherlock gif: 'Ooo, this is getting rather fun. Isn't it?'
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Like the writing is - *kisses fingers like a parody of a pompous food critic* - delicious.

...and you know that as a synaesthete who actually physically tastes words and language, I mean that literally.

(I'm sure it applies metaphorically too.)

And this fic author can use sparse prose dammit!!!!

That's a personal favourite of mine - the kind of prose where the spaces between the words, and the things not said, are just as important as what is said.

(...How do you guys understand a single goddamned thing I say? 😅 My respect for you is going up with every sentence of this post.)

So, before I give you the link to this fabulous piece of fanfiction, I promised you a content warning list.

Be aware of the following:

- murder (it's Sherlock, after all)
- blood - LOTS of blood
- serious injury (cos that's where the blood comes from)
- a serial killer
- serious levels of dissociation
- disorientation
- serious levels of trauma (physical and mental/emotional)
- shock (physical and mental/emotional)
- torture
- refusing medical treatment
- aggression against emergency workers
- PTSD-like symptoms
- dizziness and blood loss
- self-harm (slapping/hitting)
- self-blame

...I think that covers everything, but as always, be careful dearest nerdlets!

So, this week's excellent piece of fanfiction is:

Reboot by Ranowa 

Have you read any good quality fanfiction lately?
Do you get just a liiiittle bit over-excited when you find something you enjoy? 😅
Talk to me!

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  1. I find your excitement so relatable, Cee! The thing is though, when I get super excited over a new book, tv show, whatever, my excitement is not often shared by the people around me. Thank god for blogging for being the place where we can spill!

    1. Ha, yep! Online we can fangirl, squee and jnhdgjuhfionhbkjf to our hearts' content! ;)


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