Friday 20 September 2019

Friday Fics Fix - Some Scary Stuff... Sort Of

'Richie is sitting on the corner of the porch, legs dangling over the side. He looks up when he hears someone approaching and almost goes to hide the ashtray full of cigarette butts, but then decides he doesn’t want to go through the effort of lying.'

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OK, so my fanfiction reading this week has been... well, honestly, I despair of the human race sometimes 😅

I mean, I know that the pumpkin-sex fics will appear eventually in the run-up to Halloween, but come on people, IT'S NOT EVEN OCTOBER!


I've learnt my lesson about pursuing holiday-themed fanfiction. Yet still it finds me.

...It always find me.

So, this week's fic is not pumpkin-sex. (You'll all be hopefully pleased to hear.)

But it is based around a horror franchise.

So horror-avoiders be warned!

Is that even a phrase? 'Horror-avoiders'? ...Meh, I guess it is now!

(...towards the end of the week I get kinda tired and start talking utter cr*p. Sorry! 😅)

But, ironically this horror-based fanfic is, in fact, not scary.

It does refer to the scary events of the franchise, but that's about it.

...It's literally about IT.

Georgie from IT reaching out from the sewer in his yellow coat with his paper boat, captioned 'you'll float too'
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If you haven't seen IT: Chapter 2 yet, don't worry - no spoilers here.

There are spoilers for the first film though - so be aware of that.

I love Richie from IT -

- even more so after the last film -

- and this fic is like a snapshot of Richie and Eddie's friendship at a moment in time.

And it's well-written! (Woo!)

So, this week's fic is:

curse me good by queenjameskirk

Have you seen IT: Chapter 2 yet?
Have you read any good horror fics lately?
Talk to me! 😎💬

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  1. I’ve only ever seen the old move of It, and I was very proud of myself for not finding it unbearably scary! Not sure I’ll give the remake a try, though. Maybe it’s the modern cgi that’ll make it seem more real haha.

    1. I haven't actually seen the old version - possibly because (to me, at least,) it actually looks more terrifying. I think the CGI makes it more realistic-looking, which makes me *much* less scared! I'm just there like: 'oh look, a killer clown biting some kid, with blood spurting everywhere. Cool.' Whereas when I look at clips of the old version I'm like: 'JESUS KILL IT WITH FIRE!!' ...Sometimes I worry about myself! Lol.


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