Friday 13 September 2019

Friday Fics Fix - Nerds Are Secretly Vindictive Emos. Oh, and Merlin and Arthur Got Captured Again.

'“We’re not going to die here,” Arthur snapped. “Someone will come to rescue us.”'
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Who wants a dash of angst?

Sometimes I feel like we nerds/fandom members, as a group, are too into angst.

But... meh. 😉

Sometimes you just want to to see your favourite characters tormented - and that's ok.

What's also ok is wanting other characters to be there for them - especially if the bad sh** was that character's fault to begin with.

See? Fandom is full of vindictive li'l goths, punks, and emos - and isn't that grand?! 😂😅

(It's been a long week, I'm not even sure what I'm talking about any more. It's all good.)

Plus, y'know, I say this as someone whose seen every Holy Emo Trinity member live at least once, so you know I mean that as a compliment! 😍😎

Anyhow, I've gotten off-track (again, lol.) This week's fic is basically a sweet li'l hurt/comfort with plenty of angst!

Fangirling notes: Hurt/Comfort, or H/C, is a genre of fanfiction, often combined with the Angst genre, where a character is hurt and they are comforted/cared for by others.

Because I wasn't kidding about the 'see our favourite characters tormented' thing.

This week's fic comes from the BBC Merlin fandom, and features Merlin and Arthur getting captured. Again.

They spend a lot of time either being injured or captured, and that's actually in the series - you can imagine how often this happens in fanfiction! Lol.

Warning for blood and serious injury!

Stay safe dearest nerdlets! 💖

This week's fic is:

'Til the morning comes by Withstarryeyes

Angst and Hurt/Comfort - yay or nay?
Have you seen Merlin? Do they spend way too much time captured or injured? Or is it just me?
(In my defence, it's been a long week.)
Talk to me! 😅💬

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