Friday 4 October 2019

Friday Fics Fix - HP Halloween Begins!

'Malfoy looks shocked, like a deer caught in headlights, nowhere to run and just staring wide eyed at Ron, pushing Harry towards him. Suddenly Hermione realises what Luna meant: the bet.'

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It's October! Which means a whole month's worth of Harry Potter fanfiction, 'Friday Fics Fix' posts, here at Dora Reads!

(Because that way I can avoid Halloween-themed fics and therefore hopefully avoid reading things I can't un-read. 😅)

So, to start HP Halloween my dearest nerdlets, I have a sweet, short, fluffy fic for ya!

This fic falls into two categories of awesomeness: 

...a potential F/F relationship between Luna and Hermione (if Hermione ever catches on) 

...and a potential M/M relationship between Draco and Harry (if they ever freaking tell each other!)

And as an added bonus, it also features one of my favourite randomly specific tropes!

Yes, my darling nerdlets, this is another fic where Ron Weasley has had a goddamned enough of Harry and Draco's mutual pining!

He's therefore gonna light a metaphorical rocket under Harry's butt. Because Ron Weasley is a good friend 😉

I also love that Hermione and Luna have a bet about whether Harry and Draco will get together.

And Hermione's like, 'It'll never happen!'

Yeah... OK, Hermione. Not a smart bet. But OK. 😅

Luna with Harry and Ron: It's a charm, actually, it keeps away the nargles
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I love Luna Lovegood in general.

Like, the weird kid with the hippy parents and the slightly out-there attitude to life, the universe, and everything?

I can relate!

If you'd asked people at school with me, who didn't really know me, they would've said I was more of a Hermione: sensible, smart, bookish.

And yeah... to an extent.

But Luna? The girl no-one quite knows how to react to? The one who's just not quite normal (even amongst a load of witches and wizards)? 

Yeah. Totally. That's me.

There's a reason every time I do a 'which Friends character are you?' quiz I end up with Phoebe!

I've rambled long enough, I guess! This week's fic is:

It's About Time by pixiedustatsundown

Do you like Luna?
Which HP character/s do you relate to?
Talk to me! 💖💬

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  1. I always loved Luna. I loved how she was the most positive character. All the rest of the characters would be moping around, and she would have a smile on her face. I think that positivity did a lot of good at the end of the series!

    1. She rocks! I've always loved her. (It probably helps that I had a massive crush on Evanna Lynch, who plays her in the films... lol!) Like I said, I've always related to her a whole bunch too :)

  2. You know I've recently read several posts from bloggers saying they love Luna... And I can't remember her at all from reading them! *pottershame* Hahaha I do love that you totally diversified everyone.

    1. How is it possible to forget Luna?! Never mind, I often forget whole plots/themes/premises. It happens after you read a ridiculously large amount of books ;) I also have a theory that no-one remembers what happens at the end of Oliver Twist. No-one. (Lol!)

      Fanfiction is diverse af and is gonna save the whole freaking world! XD


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