Friday 24 January 2020

Friday Fics Fix - Can Klaus Get A Boo?

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'...Miraculously, it held under his weight, and he shimmied down it with an ease that could have been described as elegance if his leather hot-pants weren’t squealing against the metal piping.'

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Who would be climbing down a drainpipe in leather hot-pants?

Klaus Hargreeves, of course!

(This is the first time I'm reccing an Umbrella Academy fic in 2020 - I think I've shown a lot of restraint 😅)

The fic author here has been smart enough to create an AU with enough in common with canon to keep me interested.

...The primary difference, though, is that the Hargreeves siblings here are NOT the Hargreeves siblings.

They were never adopted into the same family, and therefore the fic author can make them kiss (...amongst other things!) without that pesky incest getting in the way!

...which doesn't always stop the actual series, but we're gonna move swiftly on from that!

Allison: I don't know why that's any of your business
...OK then Allison! We're moving on, I promise!

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(Fangirling notes:

AU = Alternate Universe

Canon = the 'official' stuff that happens in a TV show, book, film, etc.)

So basically, this is the story of Klaus, an addict, who just wants his chance with Diego, the sexy paramedic.

...There's just a few issues with that.

For one, Klaus is an addict.
For two, he's homeless.
And for three, he can see the dead.

Y'know, just your usual dating trials and tribulations!

This actually turned out to be a really fun and enjoyable rom-com.

(With some angst and some smut thrown in... this is fanfiction, after all!)

And let's face it: we need more Gay rom-coms in our lives.

If you think you don't, it's probably 'cos you don't know that that's what you need 😉😅

My only real qualm with this fic is that the element of Klaus' addiction kind of falls by the wayside a bit.

Klaus shaking his head and exiting the rehab facility while kissing his sobriety chip
Via Giphy

I don't think this is purposeful, and it is brought up throughout, but I feel like there's so much else going on here that Klaus' addiction gets a little lost in the noise.

A minor issue, maybe, but I would've liked it to be a little more clear that getting (and staying) sober is hard work - and people who are on that journey should be applauded.

Also, Content Warnings for the following, dearest nerdlets:

- graphic sex scenes
- mental health/addiction stigma
- addiction and substance abuse
- overdosing
- homelessness
- implied prostitution
- unprofessional medical staff
- hospitals
- some horror imagery
- ghosts and death

This week's fic, then, is:

Bright Lights Cast a Shadow by Kliegology

(And the author gets bonus-points from yours truly for the reference to Famous Last Words by My Chemical Romance! Hell yeah! 😎)

What would be your ideal rom-com?
What would you do if a snarky ghost kept up a running commentary on your love life?
Talk to me! 👻💬

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  1. My ideal rom-com always includes fake dating- I love that trope. I also love rom-coms that have to do with the protagonist having to figure out the identity of the person they are in love with. Like Love, Simon. Bonus is that it's a gay love story!

    1. I've seen fake dating done well, and fake dating done in a cringe-inducing, please-make-it-stop, kind of way... if it's done well I enjoy it! Lol :)

      I loved Love, Simon. Argh, that film! It means sooooo much! Here's to (hopefully) many more LGBTQ+ rom-coms in future! :)


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