Wednesday 15 January 2020

Micropoetry - December 2019

I wrote two pieces of Micropoetry in December.

They're quite different, but I actually quite like them!

As always, for those using screen-readers, the poetry can be found in the alt-text with / marks showing line breaks.

9th Dec  //  The words at the back  / of my mind /  Whisper /  'I wish  / you could love me.'  //   I wish I knew  / Who I was talking to.
dividing line
13th Dec //   I walked along the harbour's edge / In the middle of a winter's storm  / People watched me, hunched in corners,  / I don't know what they thought   //  Likely, they never guessed the truth -  / We played this game, the storm and I,  / as friends and as enemies: Every step I took /  My victory

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Last updated: 24th August 2020


  1. Awesome work, Cee! I love the second one :D

  2. I especially like the first one :) That second stanza tells a whole story in and of itself even if it is a micropoem.

    Olivia-S @ Olivia's Catastrophe

    1. Thanks so much! I feel like they're both v. different poems, so I was honestly curious as to which people would prefer! <3


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