Wednesday 20 November 2019

Micropoetry - October 2019

Micropoetry time again dearest nerdlets!

(Yes, I realise that it's the 20th of November. I have time issues. 😅)

This month's offerings are maybe a li'l weird

...but it was October dammit! You can totally be weird in October! (*pretends I'm not weird all year round*) 😅

As always, for those using a screen-reader, the poetry is in the alt-text, with line breaks marked with a / symbol.

7th October  //  There was a doll  //   - (not creepy, /  though she was of /  the creepy kind) -   //  They put her in a box / For safe-keeping /  Afraid that /  she /  would break  //   Winter came  / The box grew cold /  (Too cold.)  / Her porcelain smile /  cracked  //   The box was safe. /  That's how she broke.

dividing line
9th October //   Why don't you cut your hair? /  You look so /  old-fashioned  //   Why don't you dye your hair? /  You look so  / conventional /  Try blonde or black //    Why do you plait your hair? /  You look /  like a kid. //    You look so... 'Welshy-Welshy' //    Why don't you do something different? /  Like us.

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  1. I love how the doll is, "not creepy, but of the creep kind." Yeah, I would say that's pretty creepy haha!

    1. Ha, I wanted to be specific dammit! She should be creepy - she looks like she *should* be creepy - but somehow she's not ;) (Yeah... I have no idea where it came from tbh!)


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