Wednesday 30 October 2019

Micropoetry - August + September 2019

Yes! She still writes Micropoetry! And she's super-late with posting it! 😅

Why am I posting August and September's Micropoetry at the butt-end of October?

Well, because I'm a poorly-organised, hare-brained, book blogger. 😅

Multi-tasking Queen I may be -

(I'm currently juggling writing/putting together this post while doing work (like, adulting-style work,) and listening to a BookTube video on 2x speed)

- but I don't have all the time in the world, and I tend to forget sh**.

Plus, I have to sleep and eat and stuff, and self-care ftw! 😉

So, anywho, here's the Micropoetry:

As always, the poetry is in the alt-text for anyone using a screen-reader, with / marks showing line-breaks.

30th August  //  The other day /  I wondered /  If you ever wonder /  About us. /  Do you remember us  / & how things really were?   //  The other day /  I thought of  / the way you made us feel. /  We walked on eggshells bare-foot  / carrying you  / on our shoulders. //    You gave us fear /  But called it friendship
dividing line
3rd September //   Wish I could be the / kind of girl who /  Makes friends with the mirror //    - It tells her all the things /  She wants most to hear  / In the world - //    Wish I could be the kind of girl /  who /  Recognises her reflection //    One of those girls /  who  / gaze at glass portals after dark
dividing line
13th September  //  Complex dreamers dreaming /  Of a simple smile  //   When inside is all spaghetti strings  /  And loose wires   //  Simple dreamers /  With complex expressions //    Smiling behind the scenes //    I have no idea  / How these lines weave together /  When I'm simply dreaming /  Complex dreams
dividing line
26th September //   And you know this world keeps getting hotter /  From the burning /  And the churning. //    We're sweltering in this dumpster fire /  And the guys in charge keep adding gasoline. //    And yeah, the world keeps turning. /  But more than that... it's burning.

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  1. I haven’t put up monthly wrap ups in forever, so I definitely understand you, Cee! I love the last one the best, because it is sadly true.

    1. Thanks so much Em! I kind of wanted that one to work on like, political-levels, as well as climate change - I have no idea whether it worked! :)


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