Sunday 26 April 2020

Nerd Church - Covid 19: Why Are People Like This?

(Warning: this post discusses Coronavirus/Covid 19 and lockdown/quarantine throughout. It also discusses Donald Trump and medical misinformation. It also gets kinda rant-y.)

What is wrong with people? 

I mean... does anyone know?

'Covid 19; Why Are People Like This?' against a blue artsy background

As I sit here, still on full lockdown in the UK, my neighbours have gone out. Again.

If you read this blog/follow my Twitter (thank you, I love you!) you may know that I have Problem Neighbours™.

What started as some sloppiness with letting their 2 dogs out has morphed into a general disregard for the people around them (...and they have 4 dogs now.)

They seem to think the rules don't apply to them. 

So, they're perfectly happy to leave multiple times a day, to have friends and family over, and to invite someone over to wash their (the visitor's) car with a pressure washer.

Which is not essential travel, my people. Not at all.

I have no idea whether they've been reprimanded at any point by the police - the police have been there, but that's not exactly uncommon. 

They seem to have regular police contact - which doesn't mean they're the ones at fault, except their behaviour in general would suggest that was at least partly the case. #JustSaying.

I figured, though - perhaps naively - that our neighbours would abide by the Covid 19 regulations (albeit probably a little sloppily.)

For the grand total of about two days, they did.

And then they seemed to get irritated that it was spoiling their fun, and started to just ignore the fact that we're in the middle of a global pandemic.

Of course, my neighbours aren't the only ones.

(Although I will point out that the majority of people are not a**holes, and are following the restrictions.)

We have some specifically Welsh problems - people travelling (from England in particular,) to their second homes and holiday homes, people setting wildfires, and a whole debacle with the English requestioning test kits.

And I'm sure there are problems elsewhere in the UK too.

...How do people act like this?

I don't understand.

ANYONE can pass on Covid 19 - you don't have to be showing symptoms in order to be carrying it.

And if you pass it on to someone, they might not be so lucky. Or the person that they pass it on to might not be so lucky.

You could literally kill someone - and you'd never know.

I couldn't live with myself if I wasn't doing everything I could - which means staying home. 

And it's hard af - my mental health is not benefitting from this - but vulnerable people like my grandmother and her carers need to be protected, and the only way to do that is to stop the spread of the virus.

Which means Staying. Home.

Illustrated woman reading and comfy at home, captioned - 'Stay Home, Save Lives'
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I don't get how anyone could have such a callous disregard for human life - which brings us to Donald Trump.

Donald Trump, in my humble opinion, only cares about Donald Trump. I think he would let the whole world burn if it would benefit him.

His actions show that he doesn't care if people die, so long as he can try to make himself look good.

Therefore, Donald Trump will not protect the... less sensible, and less educated members of American society (...and I don't mean levels of schooling,) from themselves.

More than that, he will make irresponsible declarations in the middle of a goddamn press conference, that are likely to get people killed.

I hope I'm preaching to the choir here, dearest nerdlets, but in case I'm not:

  • DO NOT ingest any form of chloroquine or hydrochloroquine without medical instruction - the tests aren't looking great, and even if they were you wouldn't know the correct dosage. Remember: even the wrong dosage of table salt can kill you.

  • Lockdown is NOT a breach of freedom - this isn't about controlling you, this is about stopping people from dying.

Some other points that are less concretely connectable to Trump, but that I've seen coming outta the US:

  • China made sacrifices to save lives in the rest of the world. The Chinese government are no angels in many respects, but people have died to give the rest of the world a fighting chance - any accusations that China somehow designed this is outright RACISM.

  • You CAN catch Coronavirus in Church - why the hell would you think you couldn't?! Literally nothing in the Bible says 'you can't catch this in Church.' Have some goddamn sense.

  • It's not a punishment from God against [insert minority/marginalisation/aspect of modern society here] - it's a virus. Unless you think God is a jerk, but I'd like to think that if there is a God, they wouldn't be a jacka**. #SorryNotSorry

Things are tough, right now, dearest nerdlets - but where there's life there's hope.

And the more people think of others, and STAY HOME, the better things will be.

I love you, dearest nerdlets, take care!

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  1. It is so frustrating to see on social media the people who are not social distancing. Here we are, sitting in our houses which we haven’t left in months, probably very sad and very lonely, but these people get a pass? It’s people like this who will ruin it for the rest of us, and prevent us from having a chance to see family and friends for months to come. Makes me so angry.

    1. I don't see it on socials as much - probably 'cos we can be fined and/or arrested for travelling or gathering unnecessarily, and so the people doing it are smart enough to *not* post it! But yeah, it pi**es me off too - it really does.

  2. Don't even get me started on Trump. Our city announced a mandatory mask wearing initiative and people have lost their minds over it. There was a huge protest at the county judge's office over it, but the joke was on the protesters. The judges are all working from home!

    1. I don't understand your country *smh*

      We're not on mandatory masks - but I think it's cos British people assume that if you do one thing, then you don't have to do anything else *face palms.* Plus we don't want people buying up the masks when they're needed in hospitals and care homes!

      *Protests* though - like, wtaf?! *sighs*

  3. Ugh, I'm sorry there are people in your vicinity who are being so irresponsible. People in America seem to overwhelmingly be doing good and sacrificing to protect each other, but I just feel so angry about the people who insist on breaking the rules and taking unnecessary risks.

    1. It's good to hear something positive about the way Americans are acting - the pics we're getting from the US are... they're not exactly flattering to your country. So, internationally, the US's reputation isn't great right now - just thought you should know!

      My neighbours are douches and some of the English need to stop using our country as a way to hide from social restrictions, but they are, thankfully, in the minority. It's just a shame that the minority can do a lot of damage in this case!

  4. Cee, thank you for writing this post. When I think about COVID19, I'm sometimes filled with disbelief, sadness and outrage. There's so much misinformation, selfishness and lack of common sense that pervades our world. I'm holding out hope too - I'm thinking of you in these times, and I hope your neighbours start considering the bigger picture sometime soon.

    1. Thanks Gerri :) Times are hard, but hope is awesome! Thinking of you too.

      My neighbours are... well, they're selfish af and have a victim complex a mile wide, and that was before all of this even started. So *shrugs* - the sooner they're allowed to move (the house is sold but moving house has been suspended in the UK) the better!

  5. Folks in my neighbourhood are doing the same thing. It's very frustrating!

    Here's hoping everyone starts following the rules soon.


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