Friday 24 April 2020

Friday Fics Fix - Some Happy Super-Sapphics For #LesbianVisibilityWeek

'“Nobody’s going to bother you if you’re sitting with us,” she promised. “I mean, they’ll probably say plenty, but Alex has this look that I swear could kill a man.”'

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This week marks the first Lesbian Visibility Week an awesomely inclusive campaign to celebrate and support Queer people who ID as Lesbian, and Queer women in general.

So I figured fanfiction is Gay af, but also has some work to do when it comes to Queer girls (male Queer people and relationships tend to be written about more.)

So what better than to rec a fic this week which celebrates Lesbians and Queer girls?

This is a fic from the Supergirl fandom, which has canonic Lesbian characters, and relationships!

(The Arrowverse is diverse af, #JustSaying.)

Although this fic is tagged as F/F, it's really more of the meet-cute before the relationship between Alex Danvers and Maggie Sawyer than anything else - they aren't together by the end of the fic, but the spark's been lit, y'know?

(Fangirling notes: canonic = actually happens in the official TV series/book/whatever.)

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What I love about this fic is that it's a High School AU.

Now I'm normally... wary of High School AUs. They can be great, but it can also be like, 'why tf is this set in a high school - what was the point?'

This needed to be set in a high school. I love it.

(Fangirling notes: AU = Alternate Universe; doesn't take place in the same reality as the TV show.)

'Cos these are happy Queer girls in high school.

And it's awesome.

Like, I loved seeing these teen girls - two canonic Lesbians, and a non-canonic Queer girl - being so aware of, and happy with, who they are.

Even though they have some reservations - they're not Out to everyone - the confidence and the... normality... of it all, just warmed this Queer chick's heart! 😍

(Plus I love Alex Danvers - Supergirl (Kara Danvers)'s kick-a** big sister - so this fic had an advantage from the start!)

Quick warning: this fic references paedophilia/child sexual abuse by teachers

So, this week's lovely Lesbian fic is:

Lesbian? by Cassie_Bones

Do you know of any good F/F fics?
High School AU - yay or nay?
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  1. Thanks for sharing, Cee! I definitely think there is a huge gap in terms of f/f relationships in books. A lot of m/m relationships are fetishized by straight people, and f/f relationships are just not talked about it all. The book community needs to do better!

    1. Also, I’m not sure if this was clear but I’m definitely not saying that fetishization of m/m relationships is a good thing, and that f/f relationships should be as well. It’s basically too extremes where m/m relationships are exploited too much, and f/f relationships get barely any recognition at all.

    2. Totally - and ironically outside of books and fanfiction, it's Queer girls who are fetishised.

      (The response of some straight dudes to Lesbian Visibility Week was to make uncomfortable sexual jokes.) (I've also seen one or two pieces of fetishised F/F erotica written by straight dudes and... it's not good.)

      Generally, I think we just need *more* rep. - it's much easier to combat bad rep when there's good rep to fall back on. And also, F/F relationships tend to be treated as something dirty or repulsive by some romance readers even when they're 'clean' (i.e. no sex-scenes), when those readers will happily read all sorts of debauched and sexual M/F and M/M (in the abstract/anecdotal/theoretical - no shade to any individuals!)

      It's changing though - slowly, but it's changing! It's still a lot more difficult to find F/F fanfiction than it should be, but the intro. of more canon F/F relationships means that there's a lot more available than there used to be!


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