Friday 1 May 2020

Friday Fics Fix - Witches Loving Witches

'Ginny started to laugh. The Death Eater stopped walking. He was speaking angrily now, growling or snarling something.'

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Argh, how do I explain this week's fic?!?!

Well, for a start, it turns out good F/F fics are like buses - nothing for ages, then they come along one after the other.

This fic is from the Harry Potter fandom, and is a beautiful (and beautifully written,) slow-burn romance between Ginny and Luna.

I've always loved Luna Lovegood - mostly in the way of a Queer teen quandry of 'do I want to be her, or do I want to be with her...?'

I also think that her and Ginny together works surprisingly well.

Like, I think most of the reason why some people don't like Ginny is that her and Harry, as a couple, doesn't really work (imho.)

I think Ginny and Luna together just kinda... clicks, y'know?

They'd balance each other out, but they're not so far apart from each other, personality-wise, that they'd end up clashing all the time.

Ginny isn't 100% the same here as she is in the books/films, though.

The author has decided to take something which is just a hint in the books - Ginny being a bit reckless - and run with it!

(It's amazing - this fic is amazing!)

Harry and Ginny on the Quidditch field. Ginny: Shut it!
Via Giphy

With that in mind, there's some warnings to give here:

- injury
- blood
- violence
- reckessness/thrill-seeking to such a degree that it borders on self-harm


This week's fic, then, is:

Common Household Poisons by Speechwriter (batmansymbol)

Luna and Ginny - yay or nay?
Do you think people react to Ginny unfairly?
Talk to me! 💖💬

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  1. My sister and I were watching Harry Potter the other day and we both agreed that Harry and Ginny have little chemistry whatsoever. I am totally in for a Luna and Ginny romance. Luna is one of my favourite characters.

    1. Like, Harry and Ginny just doesn't *work* somehow, right?!

      Luna rocks! XD <3

  2. All of my friends think that Harry and Ginny are the best ship, but I just don't see it. Luna and Ginny just works.


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