Friday 4 September 2020

Friday Fics Fix - Klaus and Ben's Guide To The Parenting Of Dead Children


'Ben started laughing too. “What’s the matter, Klaus? Nonbinary ghost child should be right up your alley.”

That laughter was contagious, and Klaus gave in. “You know what? You’re right. Nonbinary ghost child is right up my alley. Good for you, kid!”'

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Yes, we are talking Umbrella Academy...

But hang on a sec -

!! Please do NOT the SPOILERS !!

I'm only about half-way through series 2 of The Umbrella Academy, so please no spoilers! 

Diolch yn fawr iawn fy nghariadau!/Thanks v. much my loves!

Klaus (sleeping on the couch, tossing and turning, and wearing v. little clothing): No, no, no, please

Please, no SPOILERS!

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OK, so this fic is set after series 1, but is canon divergence from that point.

So the fic itself may have some SPOILERS for series 1, just to letcha know.

(Fangirling notes: canon divergence is where the fic follows the canon (the official stuff that happens in the book, TV series, whatever,) up to a point, but then goes its own way.)

This is a gloriously long fic about Ben and Klaus Hargreeves inadvertantly taking on the guardianship of a smol Non-Binary (NB) ghost child, Jordan.

...And honestly, I thought it was gonna get naff pretty quickly - but it didn't!

(And before you ask, there is no pseudo-incest here. They look after Jordan as brothers, they are not a couple.)

(And yes, this fic is at least partly about my Queer Queen Klaus Hargreeves. #SorryNotSorry.)

This is one of those fics where the author has basically written an Entire. Novel.™ based around their idea.

And it's good.

It brings in the whole 'how can we be parents when we had such a cr*ppy upbringing?' thing and combines it with Klaus' substance abuse issues, and wanting to keep li'l Jordan (the smol NB ghost child,) away from all of that.

I just... - I love it!

I love the dedication, I love the imagination, and I love the way it weaves different elements of both the show and its own original material together almost seamlessly.

It also covers a lot of heavy topics though (though mostly with a light touch), so here are your Content Warnings:

- death, including child death (MAJOR THEME)

- bereavement/grief

- fatal accidents

- gore, blood, etc.

- substance abuse issues, alcoholism, and rehab (MAJOR THEME)

- general mental health problems

- parent not understanding child's gender ID

- self-harm and suicide

- murder

- references to prostitution/sex work

- references to insufficient sexual consent/sexual assault

- references to child sex abuse/paedophilia

- extreme emotional distress

- childhood trauma and child abuse

- family issues (b/c Umbrella Academy)

...I think that's everything. Careful reading, dearest nerdlets!

This week's fic, then, is:

A Minor Complication by kattahj

Would you be completely and utterly lost if you suddenly ended up with a kid? (Lord knows I would!)

Any spooky ghost-children experiences of your own?

Talk to me! 😉💬

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  1. I think lost would be an understatement if I ever ended up with a kid, considering I talk everyday about how much I do not want kids. I could have a million dogs no problem, but kids.... no way!

    1. Ha, I always say that kids are all the bodily functions of a pet, with none of the fluffiness!

      (...If I ever have kids they will somehow find this comment, guaranteed. Lol.)


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