Friday 28 June 2019

Friday Fics Fix - Murder House Party!

“You guys seem really chill about all this,” observed Ben. “By this point most people are running around screaming.”

“Occupational hazard,” said Klaus.

“I’ve lost a lot of blood,” said Diego. “I’m just accepting everything at face value right now.”

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If there's one thing that Netflix has got me obsessed with as much as Umbrella Academy, it's American Horror Story.

(Only on season 2 #NoSpoilersPlease!)

So when I came across an Umbrella Academy fic set in an American Horror Story: Murder House (season 1) style AU?!

I am SO there!

(Fangirling notes: AU = Alternate Universe)

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In this fic the Hargreeves siblings are not siblings - not even in the adopted sense - so that they can get up to all sorts of hanky-panky shenanigans!

(For people weirded out by this - at least the fic author v. carefully made them NOT related before getting them to flirt and smooch - something that... *SPOILERS* not really the case in the actual series!)

In case you're wondering, btw, the hanky-panky shenanigans are a bunch of M/M and M/M/M, and a small, PG-level, amount of M/F.

This doesn't have the characters from American Horror Story as such, instead using the Umbrella Academy characters to create similar vibes.

Five is also a vampire in this... because why tf not, I guess? 😉

Couple of warnings for this one, given the whole horror-theme, guys:

- violence
- gore
- torture
- suicide
- cult
- murder
- serial murder
- medical experimentation
- abusive relationship
- child murder
- murderers who are children
- organised crime
- kidnapping
- assassins

If you can think of a horror trope, it's probably in there - just like with the American Horror Story series, really.

American Horror Story, Tate: 'it's a filthy goddamn hopeless world we live in' gif
...I couldn't resist! 😅

Via Giphy

Also some adult humour and some swearing, but if you can handle all that other stuff, then you probably don't care!

This week's fic rec, then, is:

and death I think is no parenthesis by laiqualaurelote

Do you watch either of these shows?
Are you a horror fan?
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  1. My sister loves AHS. I’ve watched a few episodes with her, but overall horror is not really my thing because I scare very easily.

    1. Ha, fair enough! I get freaked out by horror sometimes too, but I do love it! :)


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