Friday 3 April 2020

Friday Fics Fix - Cops and Ghosties

'“I’m just saying if you’re so desperate to help people, you could have been a fireman. What they lack in brutality they make up for with sex appeal and basic levels of empathy.”

“Can’t stop murderers with a hose.”

“Not with that attitude.” Klaus shrugged...'

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Confession time: I haven't finished reading this week's fic! *gasps*

#BadBookBlogger #FangirlingSins

In my defence, this b**ch is over 300 pages, and I'm on the last chapter!

But if I don't get this post written now, then I know it ain't gonna happen. (Your girl is gonna face-plant the laptop keyboard if she keeps this up. #RestAndRechargeTime)

I think I've gotten far enough through it that I'm qualified to rec. it, ok?

I mean, it's possible everything turns to sh** in the last 22 pages, but I doubt it.

When I give the warnings though, please be aware that I don't know wtf happens in the last chapter. #StaySafe

OK, this is the Umbrella Academy fandom.

I actually recc'd a fic from this author a few weeks ago - albeit from a different fandom. (Stucky ftw.)

But I needed TUA, so TUA is what I've been reading!

And yes, this fic heavily features m'boy Klaus - but it's actually from Diego's (3rd person) point-of-view (POV.) 

It's actually more about Diego than it is about Klaus *gasps* - although there is a good helping of Klaus here; because I am trash for Klaus.

...If you've read any of my Umbrella Academy fanfiction posts, this will come as no surprise to you. 😅

Diego Hargreeves (David Castaneda) dancing, high-energy-style, in the living room of the family mansion
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So this is set in an AU that combines Netflix-show Umbrella Academy with comics Umbrella Academy, and then sprinkles in some extra details, because why tf not?

One of those extra details is that Dave is a modern cop, not a 1968 soldier, and another is that Diego is a Trans Man.

Diego's Trans identity is dealt with so well here (in this humble Cis chick's opinion,) - casual, but not window-dressing.

He is consistently Trans - it doesn't come up every minute of every day, but neither is it completely forgotten about 2 chapters in.

(Fangirling notes: AU = Alternate Universe.)

This has Klaus and Dave (yes, cute side M/M!) working with Diego on a murder case (cos Dave's a cop, and Klaus can talk to the dead - handy with murdered people,) which is just as complicated and character-interaction-y as you would hope!

And honestly? A lot of this reads as a cop novel (albeit one that doesn't give a sh** about actual police procedure.)

But it reads as a diverse cop novel, with some horror and superheroes mixed in, and a butt-tonne of actually addressing your goddamn emotions!

So, a lot of sh** goes down here, so here's your content warnings:

- childhood trauma
- child abuse (physical, mental, emotional)
- child neglect
- substance abuse (graphic in places) and alcohol abuse
- self-harm (semi-graphic in places)
- overdosing
- withdrawals
- PTSD-like symptoms/panic attacks
- references to suicide/suicidal thoughts
- staged suicide (graphic)
- drug-dealing, including children acting as dealers
- murder
- violence
- blood
- gore
- kidnapping
- references to prior gender dysphoria
- workplace bullying
- ableism and/or mental health stigma
- references to child soldiers
- sexual references
- references to prostitutiin
- references to dubious consent
- fade-to-black sex scenes
- family issues (b/c Umbrella Academy)

Again, I haven't read the last chapter, so who knows what happens there, tbh.


This week's fic, then, is:

Who You Gonna Call...? by riverwrenwrites

Are you a Diego fan?
Do you know of any good diverse crime novels?
What's the longest piece of fanfiction you've ever read?
Talk to me! 😀💬

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