Friday 18 September 2020

Friday Fics Fix - Tony And Bucky In A Horror Trope? Why Not, I Guess!


'“Oh, my God,” Tony hisses. “Aren’t you like the greatest assassin the world’s ever seen? Why are you struggling so much with a stupid knot?”'

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I actually have no idea WTF I just read - but I kind of love it.

That's one the fab-est things about fanfiction, dearest nerdlets, it's so very, very, random. 

And it can surprise you. Even when you've read what has to amount to thousands of fics.

So, this fic sees Tony and Bucky - who are somehow in a relationship together - investigating disappearances in the butt end of nowhere.

I have no idea how or why Tony and Bucky managed to become an item - but the fic-author has decided that the details of the getting-together are incidental.

Accept it and move on, dearest nerdlets - it's for the best.

Bucky Barnes as the Winter Soldier, doing a bad-a** assassin murder strut down the roof and bonnet of a car
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What we have here, my dearest darling nerdlets, is Tony and Bucky in the middle of a standard horror trope.

Mostly, though, they're busy thinking dirty thoughts about each other... and doing dirty things to each other.

There's adult humour and some explicit sexual content, ok? 

Because Tony + Bucky = constant inappropriate humour. It's the rules.

(Fangirling notes: a trope is a narrative or storytelling device which is somewhere between a motif/symbol, and a cliche/stereotype, with some overlap.)

Also be aware dearest nerdlets that this fic does include violence, drugging, attempted murder, etc.

There's also some brief ableism/mental health stigma (e.g. the murderers are 'crazy')

This week's fic, then, is:

the kindness of strangers by deathsweetqueen

What non-horror characters would you most like to see in a horror movie scenario?

Do you think horror tropes are too played-out and tired to use in fanfiction? Or is fanfiction the perfect place for them?

Talk to me! 👻💬

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  1. I think horror tropes have a place everywhere! In fanfiction there are no rules.


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