Thursday 1 October 2020

Comics Wrap-Up - Fabulous Kids Today, They're All Being Who They Were Born To Be

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It's Thursday. It's October 2020. Let's get some comics-y goodness!

Everything I have for you this week is in the 'other stuff' category, for which we shall blame Loki.

Other Stuff

Supergirl's next season (series 6) will be its last! 😢

In related news, lead actress Melissa Benoist announced the arrival of her baby with co-star Chris Wood (who plays Mon-El.) 👶

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Kitty Pryde is Proud!

Yes, after years of teasing - including casting Elliot Page, which counts as a Queer indicator all by itself - X-men character Kitty Pryde has been confirmed as a Queer Sapphic chick (probably Bi.)

Elliot Page waving a rainbow Pride flag
Via Giphy

A recent comic has her and Rachel Summers (an alternate timeline daughter of Scott and Jean - comics are weird,) kissing on-page. Can't get much more confirmation than that!

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And to end on some shameless self-promo, last week's Friday Fics Fix post features John Constantine and Zari Tomaz from DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

Will you miss Supergirl?

Are you a Kitty Pryde fan?

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'Fabulous kids today, they're all being who they were born to be' is from LGBTQIA (A New Generation) by Matt Fishel

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Last updated: 2nd December 2020


  1. I was a big fan of Melissa Benoist when she was in the musical theatre world, and I’m so happy with what she’s accomplished since!

    1. She's awesome! And she's personally pi**ed off Donald Trump more than once :) <3

  2. Oh I would like to see Kitty Pryde in the new XMen (when Marvel eventually makes it) with Ellen Page with a girlfriend (if shes not working on The Umbrella Academy.) I haven't really read the XMen comics (I will!) so the only version I know of her is from the third movie �� And I wasn't a fan of her storyline with Bobby. But that is awesome to hear.

    1. Wasn't it Rogue with Bobby in the third movie? Yeah, I think that was Rogue.

      Kitty was uber under-used in the films, tbh. The thing is, she's one of these characters who's stuck perpetually between the ages of 14 and 22, and just seems to start over again when she hits that point. Like: 'oh, she's too far from being a teenager, we'll have to reboot her!' So I think Ellen Page might be *whispers* too old to play her again! *gasps*


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