Friday 9 October 2020

Friday Fics Fix - Don't. Touch. The Artifacts.


'Peter had never told him about this. 
Tony took in a deep breath and charged forward, he phased through the rubble, like it wasn’t even there, because it wasn’t.'

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Is there angst? Yes, yes there is.

It's adorable angst though, so I hope you'll forgive me!


OK, do you know there's SPOILERS now, yeah? Great.

This fic takes place in a canon divergence where Tony Stark got really really hurt, but didn't die, because fandom doesn't need your permission, Marvel! 😅

(Fangirling notes: canon divergence means following the 'official' stuff of the book/movie/whatever up to a point, and then breaking off from that timeline to forge a new path.)

Peter Parker (Tom Holland), removing sunglasses: Oh my God
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This fic's about Tony Stark/Iron Man, and Peter Parker/Spider-man, looking at Dr Strange's weird-a** magic artifact collection, and, inevitably, Tony touching something he wasn't supposed to.

...And ending up stuck in Peter's memories.

- Cue angst!

Elmo in front of burning flames
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Since Peter's been through some sh**, here are some content warnings for this fic:

- trauma

- gun violence/shootings

- murder

- serious injury

- general violence

- bereavement/grief

Read safe, dearest nerdlets!

This week's fic is:

it's an afterglow (it's an echo) by iamirondad

If Dr Strange was showing you his magic sh**, would you be able to Not Touch The Thing? Or would you touch it?

Talk to me! 😎💬

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