Friday 29 January 2021

Friday Fics Fix - After The Fall


'“Oh, you’re going to be a regular bag of charms, aren’t you?” Mycroft goaded.

“Oh, shut up Mycroft!” Sherlock yelled back.'

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Sherlockian fanfiction rules, let's be honest.

No-one can work quite so hard as the Sherlockians to turn a positive dearth (...I love that word, shutup,) of canon into a total avalanche of fan content.

(Fandom notes:

Sherlockian = fans (especially fandom-interacting fans) of BBC's Sherlock TV series.

Canon = official stuff in a book/series/film/whatever)

So, before we go any further: things are gonna get SPOILER-y, ok? SPOILERS!


OK, great. 

So this week's fic is canon divergence after The Fall. Serbia, to be precise. 

Sherlock's in a bad way - John and Mycroft to the rescue!

Expect much pining between John and Sherlock, angst involving the same, and Mycroft being like: JUST KISS!

(And yes, I tried to find a gif of that moment from Pirates of the Caribbean where Barbossa yells that, but I couldn't - so just imagine it, k?)

Mycroft Holmes (Mark Gatiss) to John Watson (Martin Freeman): Yes.
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(Fandom notes:

Canon divergence = an AU (alternate universe) which follows canon (official stuff) up to a point, and then goes off in its own direction.

The Fall = one of the many ways to reduce Sherlockians (Sherlock fans) to a quivering mass of incomprehensible pained noises.)

As mentioned, there is much the angst, so please be aware of the Content Warnings:

- torture (GRAPHIC)
- hallucinations
- injuries and blood (GRAPHIC)
- descriptions of medical procedures (mild but present)
- general violence, including references to guns
- guilt
- grief
- relationship issues
- low self-esteem
- internalised ableism (wanting to not be 'a burden' etc.)
- references and flashbacks to suicide/attempted suicide

As always I hope I've covered everything, but please pay attention to the fic author's tags, and take care while reading.

This week's fic, then, is:

Extraction by holmesian_love

Are you familiar with The Fall?
Read any good fanfics lately?
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  1. I'll be diving into the world of Sherlock for one of my literature courses this semester! I know nothing about this story but looking forward to it.

    1. The Reichenbach Falls is a famous Holmes story - most adaptations have used it in some way, so it's something of a legend. In BBC's Sherlock... all the feels. All of them. All. Of. Them. Lol!


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