Thursday 28 January 2021

Comics Wrap-Up - Don't Wreck Your Brain, It'll Be Alright


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It's 2021, who knows what's coming next? Let's get some comics-y, superhero-y goodness!

Everything's in the 'Other Stuff' category again #BlameLoki

Other Stuff

Umbrella Academy and X-Men star Elliot Page has filed for divorce from his wife.

Obviously, neither you, I, nor anyone else, is on the inside of their relationship. 

For what it's worth from one random stranger on a separate continent: I wish the best of luck and happiness in the future to both Elliot and Emma.

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S. W. Sondheimer @ Book Riot wrote a list of her favourite kids in manga
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Two graphic novel reviews for you, dearest nerdlets:

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And to end traditionally with some shameless self-promo, last week's Friday Fics Fix talked stabby protectiveness @ The Umbrella Academy!

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  1. It's always sad when a couple divorces. But, it's even sadder when people snoop and try to find reasons for divorces that just do not concern them. Why can't we just wish both of them the best and move on? We've got bigger things to worry about then celeb's personal lives.

    1. Some Transphobes in particular have leapt at it - and it's like, even *if* (and that's a *big* if,) it has *anything* to do with Elliot's gender identity, it is *none of our business.* Whatever they want to make public is up to them, if not *shrugs* - entirely their business. <3


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