Friday 15 January 2021

Friday Fics Fix - Haunting Metaphors (...and I'm Blaming the Coffee)

 (Warning: this post discusses mental health problems, as well as referencing abuse by parents.)

'Klaus blinked slowly, then nodded. “Yeah, what can I say? Some people just can’t accept that they’re f**king DEAD!”'

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Now that I've finally finished watching Series 2 of The Umbrella Academy, it is of course time for some TUA fanfiction!

I'm Umbrella Academy trash, and proud of it! 😂😎

Before we go any further: this fic has some SPOILERS


(...This is what happens when I write fic-rec posts after disturbed sleep, a long week, and much the coffee. I regret nothing.)

There's probs gonna be a few mild SPOILERS involved in me talking about it, because there's only so much I can de-SPOILER-ificate without this entire post ceasing to make sense.

So, yeah, you've been warned! 😅

Anywho, this post is about m'boy and Queen, Klaus Hargreeves, because as I previously mentioned, I'm trash.

Klaus to Allison: I love you so much.
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This is maybe a bit OOC, but given the circumstances I think that's explainable.

(Fangirling notes: 

OOC = Out Of Character

 - often but not always a criticism, this describes behaviour or characterisation which doesn't always meet that which would be typical for the canon (official stuff,) or even the fanon (an interpretation widely accepted in fandom, but not present in the source material.))

This whole fic is one big ole allegory for mental health problems - with the pre-requisite Umbrella Academy Daddy Issues™ to keep the Freud and/or Jung freaks happy for a while.

What I like is that it works even if your parents aren't jerks (my parents are fantastic - I would like to make that clear!)

Because Klaus' mental health problems here take the form of his father, Reginald Hargreeves, who is literally haunting him (he a ghost, Klaus sees ghosts - it's a whole thing.)

See? Toldja the Freudians and Jungians would be happy.

Reggie here, though, stands for that inner voice - those negative thoughts - that bring you down.

He is literally an invisible critic of Klaus' every move that no-one else can hear, and that Klaus can't quite bring himself to ignore or dismiss. 

To the extent that he begins to believe Reggie over logic and reason. And the more he listens, the more he takes it in, the more willing he is to believe his dearly departed dad - and the more willing he is to do what Reggie tells him.

My fellow mental-health-problem-havers will recognise that, I'm sure.

Honestly? I've found it a helpful metaphor to have.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: fanfiction can be an excellent tool for those of us with mental health problems.

As you can imagine, though, this fic has some Content Warnings:

- mental health problems

- PTSD, with symptoms and/or attributes similar to several other mental health issues

- child abuse (physical, emotional)

- abuse of a vulnerable adult (physical, emotional)

- references to substance abuse and addiction

- low self-worth

- claustrophobia

- self-harm (mild but EXPLICIT)

- extreme emotional distress

- dissociation

- overstimulation and sense impairment

- violence and injuries, including blood

- family issues, because Umbrella Academy

...I think that's everything, but as always, be aware of the tags the fic author uses, and be careful reading!

This week's fic is:

Sins of the Father by So_Runs_The_World_Away

Are you TUA trash? (Love ya!)

Have you ever started talking about fanfiction and then ended up referencing Freud and Jung while singing along to Welsh language Indie rock? (There was coffee and a lack of sleep dammit!) 😅

Talk to me! 😀💬

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  1. Jung and Freud takes me back to my literary theory course days. I admire the work that these theorists do, but boy do I hate reading their works!

    1. And, to be totally honest, a lot of that stuff is pretentious b*llsh**. (Not that pretentious b*llsh** can't have merit, but it's still pretentious b*llsh** - lol!)

      I try not to get too caught up in all that stuff, but I was like 'the Freud/Jung crowd would be loving this fic! They could apply their b*llsh** for days here!' lol. Again, I'm blaming the coffee ;) <3


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