Friday 13 November 2020

Friday Fics Fix - Soft But Stabby


'The street is just as empty as it’s been all night. “Meow.” And then an orange paw is patting at his boot.' 

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Anyone who knows anything about Netflix's The Umbrella Academy (TUA) knows that Diego Hargreeves is stabby on the outside and super-soft on the inside.

He also loves his mam - you gotta love a vigilante bad-a** who loves his mam, ok?

There's a reason he has been memed as a baby duck with a knife. That's it. That's the entire character.

As you can probably guess, this week's fic is from TUA - but no SPOILERS os gwelwch yn dda/please! 

I have one episode of season 2 left to watch.

I know, I know, but I've been drawing it out - partly because time constraints, and partly because of the quantum anticipation, y'know?

I doubt that there'll be anything too surprising, because I've read the comics, but sometimes the show picks sh** up and runs with it!

Like, until I actually watch it, anything could happen in that last episode 😅 Lol, ya love me really, dearest nerdlets 😎

This fic contains mild SPOILERS for series 1.

Honestly they're more like themes and relationships than spoilers, but don't say I never warned ya!

Diego Hargreeves: Show me what you got
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It's about Diego Hargeeves taking in and helping out strays - mostly cats - and inadvertantly becoming the Cat Vigilante.

...Honestly, it's even cuter than it sounds. 

Not least because of the soft-but-stabby/stabby-but-soft thing Diego's got going on which the fic author nails here.

The author also has a knack for one-liners, and generally amusing shenanigans, which is fun. 👍

Some of the things that this fic deals with (v. lightly,) are more complex and potentially upsetting themes, though, so here are your Content Warnings:

- homelessness

- animal cruelty

- substance abuse and addiction

- references to sexual assault and potential sexual assault

- implied child abuse (physical, mental, emotional)

- implied child neglect

- general violence

- blood and injuries

- general sexy-times references

This week's fic, then, is:

Cat Vigilante by GiuGiu

Are you a TUA fan?

Do you sometimes stretch out series (or books or whatever) just to make them last longer? Or am I alone here?

Talk to me! 😅💬

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  1. I try to stretch series or books that I love out. But it normally backfires on me. If I love something, I can't help but want to continue watching it!

    1. Haha, sometimes it works for me, sometimes it doesn't - it really depends what mood I'm in! Lol


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