Thursday 21 January 2021

Comics Wrap-Up - My Name Is No-One The Long Lost Son


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It's Thursday, it's 2021, let's get some comics-y superhero-y goodness!

Everything I have for you this week is in the 'Other Stuff' category. #IBlameLoki

Other Stuff

The US has a new president (woo!) so what better way to celebrate than with Julia Rittenberg @ Book Riot's list of 4 political comics (in a non-partisan sense of the word.)!

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Speaking of politics, Brian Cronin @ Comic Book Resources wrote about when Captain America was kidnapped by white supremacists in the late 90s (no, really,) - it does discuss bigotry, extremism, and militias, so please be aware of that.

Steve Rogers (Chris Evans,) pre-Super-serum: I don't like bullies

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And to end on some shameless self-promo, last week's Friday Fics Fix talked Umbrella Academy and Klaus Hargreeves, because I am fangirling trash and proud of it!

What do you think Captain America would think of the current US politics? 😅
Read any good comics this week?
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'My name is no-one the long lost son' is from 21st Century Breakdown* by Green Day

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  1. Well, I do know that Chris Evans is extremely active politically, and very vocal about using his change for good. So, I think Captain America is very happy that there is a new president.

    1. Ha, yes! Steve Rogers would be there with a Biden flag, I'm sure ;)


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