Sunday 14 February 2021

Nerd Church - The Only Valentine I Ever Got


The only Valentine I've ever actually received was when I was five or six years old.

It was on the back of half a birthday card, which I still oh-so-clearly remember the flowers on, and I believe was written in red pencil. 

It was definitely some form of pencil - maybe my brain just made up the red part, I dunno.

'The Only Valentine I Ever Got' with a wooden background and two red hearts

It was also given to me by a boy who, just over a decade later, would come out as Gay.

He never found out I'm Queer (on account of I was very closeted back then,) and I have no idea whether he even remembers coming up to me with his half-a-birthday Valentine in the middle of the playground.

It was sweet, though. 

And I don't know whether it's irony or poetic justice that the only boy (the only person,) to ever give me a Valentine was someone who has zero romantic interest in girls.

His cousin was the same age (at least... I remember her as his cousin. I may be making that up too - they had the same colour hair and looked similar, if that makes a difference.)

She - 

and my romantic brain likes to think this was in February but I sadly think I'm likely to be kidding myself with that

- once gave me a blue glass bead/pebble thing.

Y'know those glass beads that people use in like... vases of dried flowers? Or like just randomly in a bowl?


Glass pebbles! They are called glass pebbles! And people do, indeed, put them in vases. Just because.

(This post is so organised! 😅)

She gave me one of those. 

Told me it was special and lucky and magic and all those things that little girls think about decorative objects that they probably took from their parents' interior decorations.

The way I remember it (and this post shows alarming holes in my memory, tbh,) she walked up to me in the yard, much like her maybe-cousin did.

We played for a little bit - which wasn't usual because she was older than me and we never really played together - and then she pulls out this pebble and tells me how special and lucky and magic it is.

She tells me I can keep it.

I'm pretty sure I wanted to kiss her. I'm pretty sure I didn't kiss her.

I have no idea what, if any, reason she had for giving me this deep blue pebble.

But I still have the pebble (somewhere... in a box...)

Throw it out? Hell no!

How many people have a magic glass pebble given to them by a pretty girl in the school yard?

I may not have ever gotten more than one Valentine, but I think I'm good with my card from someone who cared enough to make me smile, and my magic probably-not-February pebble.

...They meant something, after all. Even if it was only to me.

What was your first Valentine?

Did you ever get a random gift (for any reason) from another kid?

Talk to me! 😊💬

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  1. Cute! We did Valentine exchanges in elementary school. I always gave cards and candy to everybody in my class, even the kids who bullied me. I wanted everyone to have chocolate.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. Aw, sweet. Valentines wasn't really encouraged in our school - I mean, it wasn't frowned on or anything, but they didn't make a fuss over it, y'know? They kind of just ignored it and hoped it would go away I think! <3

  2. This was a lovely post, Cee! I've never gotten a romantic valentine, but my mom takes valentine's day very seriously in our house and so I do look forward to it every year. This year, I got a Baby Yoda valentine!

    1. Aw, sweet! That's a really cute way to celebrate as a family :)

  3. This is really sweet. I never got many valentines gifts before I met my husband. A boy in primary school got me an artificial rose once, I think. I remember going to a church farm museum on a school trip and one of the boys made me a corn dolly, which was pretty neat.

    1. Cute!

      I have many questions about the church farm museum! Was it a church farm that became a museum? Was it a museum filled solely with churches and farms? Was it a museum that farmed churches??? Lol!


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