Friday 12 February 2021

Friday Fics Fix - Being Everything You Are


'Klaus pushed down the nagging thought that maybe he was scared of judgement from Ben, if he let him in.'

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Some fics are beautiful.

Maybe not because of how they're written - although there are beautifully written fics, of course, and I always highlight them to you, dearest nerdlets, when I come across them - but because of what they are.

This week's fic is beautiful, because of what it is.

This week's fic is an arm around the shoulders of Queer readers - this fic says it's OK, just to be you.

So, we're back in The Umbrella Academy (TUA) fandom.

I know last week's fic also talked about TUA, but last week's fic was a crossover, so I'ma pretend it doesn't count *shifty glances*

Klaus Hargreeves is, of course, m'boy, and my Queer Queen.

He wears skirts, make-up, feather boas, etc. As does actor Robert Sheehan who plays him, although to the best of my knowledge Robert Sheehan doesn't identify as Queer.

Robert Sheehan could def. be considered as being Gender Non-Conforming* though - it's a broad label, and not everyone's comfortable with it, but a man regularly wearing dresses would come under that umbrella 

(...ha, umbrella 😅 - I'm such a nerd)

Yours truly is sometimes (though def. not always) Gender Non-Conforming (GNC) - but it's more about expression of your identity rather than it actually being your identity. If that makes any sense... 

*Basically, not following the societal conventions surrounding gender 'norms.' See? Very broad term.

Klaus Hargreeves (Robert Sheehan): Wait a tick! Wait a tick!
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Anyway, I'm getting side-tracked (which isn't exactly an unusual occurrence around here, I know!) - the character of Klaus Hargreeves is very much Gender Non-Conforming, and also canonically Queer.

A lot of Queer folks are, oddly enough, GNC - and the factors surrounding that are worth several university dissertations, so I'm gonna restrain myself from going into them in my fanfiction recommendation post. 😅

(Fandom notes:

Canon = the stuff that actually happens/is portrayed in the 'official' book/film/TV series/whatever)

...Which brings us to this week's fic, which sees a teenage Klaus experimenting with make-up, dresses, and general fashion-y things.

It's really beautifully affirming - not least because of Ben's support and casual acceptance of Klaus being everything he is.

Since, this is an Umbrella Academy fic, though, there are some Content Warnings to be aware of:

- being closeted/implied Homophobia

- references to drug abuse/addiction

- references to child abuse/neglect

- references to violence

- injury

- family issues (b/c Umbrella Academy)

Also be aware that there are some very mild SPOILERS.

This week's fic, then, is:

everything i know by movements

Do you know of any beautiful and/or affirming fics?

Did I just totally confuse you about Gender Non-Comformity? (Sorry!)

Talk to me! 😅💬

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  1. You didn't confuse me about gender non-comformity at all! I actually learnt a lot about GNC from this post. Thanks Cee!

    1. Ha, that's a relief to hear (hear? read? whatever.) I tried to keep it clear but my temptation is always to entirely go off on one...

      Fanfiction is an excellent jumping off point for sociological do-dahs, clearly (lol) <3


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