Thursday 18 March 2021

Comics Wrap-Up - You're A Talented Guy, You Could Shake Hollywood To The Ground


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It's Thursday, we all need a break from doom-scrolling (or, at least I do!) so let's get some comics-y superhero-y goodness!

TV Trailers

OK, there's been a butt-tonne of The Falcon & The Winter Soldier trailers because the first episode drops TOMORROW (19th March) on Disney+ (in UK & US - I dunno about Int'l)

So I figured I'd just highlight two of the most bada** trailers - you can find all the others on the Marvel YouTube channel

Warning for both trailers: 

FLASHING IMAGES, violence - including gun violence, explosions, some v. mild SPOILERS for the Marvel films

dividing line

And we've got another trailer for The Justice League Snyder cut.

If you have no idea what that is, here's the extremely short cliff-notes: there were two versions of the Justice League film due to switching directors part-way through production.

The original director, Zack Snyder, is releasing his version as an epically long HBO Max 4hr film? Which... OK... *shrugs* 

Yes, he has enough footage for that - dude ends up with a lot of excess footage *shrugs*

The pros, as I see them from this trailer: 

You can actually see wtf is going on, since Whedon (other director) had super dark shots that nobody  could freaking see things in.

Also, given the raft of allegations of abuse and bullying against Whedon, many fans will be far more comfortable with enjoying the Snyder version #JustSayingNotJudging

And maybe it'll be edited to be less disjointed, who knows?

The minuses: 

Apparently the reason for the super dark shots was because the CGI sucked, and Whedon was trying to cover it. 

Which, if this was low, or even medium, budget, I could excuse. But it's not. It's blockbuster budget.

Also, this version has Jared Leto - who on a personal level is problematic af.

Here it is then, dearest nerdlets:

Warning: FLASHING IMAGES, general violence, explosions, death

Other Stuff

There is a Gay Captain America!

No, not Steve Rogers, or even Bucky Barnes or Sam Wilson (not officially anyway - the fans know our boys be Queer! And yes, both Bucky and Sam were Captain America at various points.)

No, this is a Captain America, rather than the Captain America. This is the Captain America of the Railways, to be exact.

(Because yes, we've got to the point where there is apparently a Captain America of the Railways - because we didn't have enough legacies, alternates, and franchisees to figure out. *face palms*

Still, I'm happy that at least one of these multiple Caps is (officially 😉) Queer.)

dividing line

And to end on another Queer note, Elliot Page, star of The Umbrella Academy and X-Men, appeared on the cover of TIME magazine, and gave an awesome-sauce interview* where he talked about coming out as Trans.

He's so awesome 😊

*CW: discussions of Transphobia, Depression/Anxiety, suicide statistics

Are you planning to watch The Falcon and The Winter Soldier?

Thoughts on the Snyder Cut Justice League trailer?

Talk to me! 😎💬

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'You're a talented guy, you could shake Hollywood to the ground' is from Radio-Friendly Pop Song* by Matt Fishel

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  1. I'll watch The Falcon and the Winter Soldier... right after I start Wandavision. I've got a lot of tv to watch and no time to do it *shrugs*

    1. Ha, fair enough. There's something of a glut of content available, tbh. I haven't seen WandaVision yet because it puts me off when there's *that* much hype around it (plus I fully admit to being salty that that's the relationship Marvel saw as important, not Steve & Bucky.)


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