Friday 19 March 2021

Friday Fics Fix - Movie Night Is Kind Of Crowded

'For Klaus, there are – approximately – seven million people crammed into this slumber party, most of them screaming at the top of their lungs'

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I read a lot of Umbrella Academy fanfiction, like a butt-tonne.

So yes, this week's fic rec is once again an Umbrella Academy fic.

We've previously established that I'm utter trash for both The Umbrella Academy (TUA), and Klaus Hargreeves, aka The Seance, aka Number Four.

If you're new here (hi! I love you! Feel free to hang around for a while!) I'll catch you up:

There is a show called The Umbrella Academy on Netflix, for which I am fandom trash. 

Likewise, I am utter trash for one of the characters, the aforementioned Klaus, a fabulous Queer, gothic, troubled, superhero who can communicate with the dead.

...I was doomed from the start.

Klaus (Robert Sheehan) sitting in a dumpster with Ben (Justin H. Min): Mi hermano.
Via Giphy

This fic sees Klaus trying to do his very bestest to be a good sibling and enjoy family movie night.

Unfortunately, there's a few too many ghosts for him to see or hear the TV.

Cue fic.

Look, this is a fairly common set-up in TUA fanfiction, so I'd be lying if I said it was an original concept.

But it still manages to feel fresh - which is an achievement in and of itself when your reader has read as much TUA fanfiction as I have. 😅

I think it's partly because it blends the light-heartedness with the horror elements of Klaus' Klausyness in a way that somehow just works.

And because I am a smol Queer emo nerd, I'm loving everything about it.

When it comes to the horror elements, it's delightfully disturbed (as opposed to disturbingly disturbed,) but it does lean in heavy to those elements - so it's not gonna be everyone's cup of tea.

(Ironically, tea is not my cup of tea. A shameful irregularity for a British girl. As you can possibly tell, I prefer coffee; coffee is my cup of tea 😅)

There are also a few SPOILERS in this fic, ok?


OK? Got the message? Good.

Here's some Content Warnings for you to be aware of too:

- addiction, recovery, struggling with sobriety

- references to violence and murder

- blood and injuries


- burn victims and descriptions of burns [MAJOR WARNING]

- child murder/children as collateral damage [MAJOR WARNING]

- general horror elements and ghosts

- family issues because Umbrella Academy

I think that's everything, but as always, pay attention to the tags, and check in with yourself while reading if you need to.

This week's fic, then, is:

XXII. Meet My Friends by BubblyWashingMachine

...The 'XXII.' is because the fic author wrote this as part of a writing challenge, and they Roman-numeral-numbered them according to the day of the month they wrote them in. 

I figured I'd leave it in, as opposed to re-titling it.

Is horror your cup of tea?

Is coffee your cup of tea? Or is tea your cup of tea? (In my defence, I'm very tired and caffeine-fuelled 😅)

Talk to me! 😀💬

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  1. Horror is not usually my cup of tea. I can watch a few of those really cheesy 80's slasher movies during Halloween, but in terms of watching things that could actually happen... yeah not for me.

    1. Ha, there's an interesting conversation to be had about *what* could actually happen ;) Lol


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