Friday 9 April 2021

Friday Fics Fix - Hargreeves Family Schmoop


'Diego drags a hand over his face, groaning. "I didn’t know meeting a six year old would take this much effort."'

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This week's fic is just a schmoopy and super-cute li'l fic all about family!


As we all know, (or maybe we don't, but if that's the case I'ma tell you!) the Hargreeves family, aka the members of The Umbrella Academy, have a butt-tonne of family issues.

Like, the tagline to the Netflix series is actually 'Super. Dysfunctional. Family.' and that pretty much sums it up, tbh.

So I kinds love fics where the Hargreeveseseses are like super-duper-awkward about family stuff, but somehow make it work (mostly because they never manage to make it work in canon!)

(Fandom notes: 

Schmoopy = fluffy and sweet, especially in an adorable and/or funny way.

Canon = the 'official' stuff in a TV series/film/book/whatever.)

So this fic has Diego, super-soft-but-stabby vigilante, wanting to finally meet his niece Allison's daughter Claire.

Diego Hargreeves (David Castenada)
Via Giphy

(See? Family issues - Allison's sibs have never met this child, and that's canon. And Allison could def. afford to pay for them to go see her. #JustSaying.)

Diego is basically a fluffy duck with a knife, ok? 

...Except metaphorical. 

...Because he's a person, not a duck. He does have knives though.

What was I talking about? Right, the fic 😅

So yeah, it's just a nice li'l shot of cuteness, with just enough awkwardness and non-saccharine stuff to keep Yours Truly interested.

(Because we all know I am a smol emo child)

Mostly cuteness, though.

Oh, and there's some very mild SPOILERS in this fic - but honestly they're more likely to confuse you than actually spoil anything.

Still, I warned ya.

This week's fic, then, is:

the fighting's over by kickmyhead

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Have you ever had to meet a close family member you never knew?

Are you a fan of the fluff?

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  1. I love the trope of a dysfunctional family! My family is really big so there is definitely extended family I've never met, but (at least I think) I've met all of the close members!

    1. Oh there's lots of extended family I've never met, but my close family is quite small, so I've met everyone there! In fact the extended family are always quite surprised at how close we are to my first cousins, especially since we don't see them often - but they've always been a bit like older siblings who'd already moved out, y'know?

      My parents have a million cousins though, I can't always keep them sorted in my head, and there's def. some of those I've never met - and the cousins' kids, and cousins' grandkids, and cousins' great-grandkids! There's some cousins that my dad in particular is close to, though, and that's lovely cos he turns into a 6 year old kid around them! :) <3


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