Friday 13 August 2021

Friday Fics Fix - A SamBucky Rec List


I wrote a Sam and/or Bucky rec list a little while back, but I've rec'd a few The Falcon And The Winter Soldier (TFATWS) fics since then - so I figured it's time for a mini-list highlighting some specifically SamBucky fics!

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Because in this house, Bucky Barnes is Queer af, OK? OK.

SamBucky, sometimes known as WinterFalcon (though SamBucky is generally preferred - at time of writing anyway - by most fan-creators,) is the name of the ship between, well, Sam and Bucky - which is kind of self-explanatory, really.

(Fandom notes:

Rec is short for recommendation (and recommending, etc.) - I probably assume that you all know that too often, but this time I remembered to explain it! Woo! 😅

A ship is a relation-ship of a sexual and/or romantic nature between two or more characters, it does not have to be present in the source media.

Also a verb - to ship (the ship) is someone who supports or is a fan of a particular relationship between characters.

Fan-creators are people who create fanart, write fanfiction, make fan videos, etc.)

A reminder to always check the original rec'ing post, and the fic author's tags for the work, for Content Warnings.

Stay safe dearest nerdlets!

unreliable love advice from unusual people, as met by bucky barnes by joshriku is a fun and more-than-slightly quirky fic.

Bucky has fallen in love with Sam - maybe, kinda, sorta, definitely - and finds himself turning to New York's glut of mostly red-clad superheroes as sounding boards.

- Namely Spider-Man, Daredevil, and Deadpool.

In my ever-so-humble opinion, it's as awesome as it sounds! 

(Original rec'ing post: Friday Fics Fix - Bucky Needs Advice... Maybe Not From Them)

Bucky to Sam: That's not a thing. Sam to Bucky: That's definitely a thing.
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Vanna by MagikMask sees Baron Zemo dragging Bucky and Sam to a Gay bar to meet an informant.

What follows is misunderstandings, mild mayhem, and Bucky being pulled into the 21st Century, and also an awareness of his own identity, in a way that's entirely messy, and less-than-ideal.

Plus Zemo essentially being like 'just kiss!' at Bucky and Sam. Because Zemo clearly ships SamBucky (at least in this fic!)

(Original rec'ing post: Friday Fics Fix - Things Can Be Better)

Our last fic today, dearest nerdlets, is Heart's Not the Problem by antenabrae.

While it is SamBucky (hence its inclusion in this list, and hence my excuse to use the word hence,) the main beauty of this devastatingly measured and emotive fic is Bucky coming to terms with himself in a world which may finally be ready for him.

This is Bucky's Coming Out in the way Marvel should have done it (and should still do it, tbh.)

Awkward. Painful. Beautiful. Burning him up from the inside, but still not quite making its way out into the world. Until it does.

(Original rec'ing post: Friday Fics Fix - Pride Fics Fest: Bucky Barnes, Bicon)

Do you have any SamBucky fic recs?

What do you think of Sam and Bucky as a couple? Or is Steve Bucky's one true love, despite the obstacles Marvel keeps putting in their way?

Talk to me! 😊💬

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  1. Yay for more SamBucky recs! I loved the one about Zemo taking them to a gay bar. I do think Steve is Bucky's one true love, but I like the idea of a love triangle :)

    1. Zemo totally ships them ;)

      I think Stucky was the greatest love story never told - but now Steve's not around and Bucky deserves some love dammit! <3


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