Friday 2 April 2021

Friday Fics Fix - A Sam and/or Bucky Rec List

There is a permanent corner of my brain devoted to The Falcon and The Winter Soldier right now.

For those who don't know: this is a new Disney+ series set in the MCU (the Marvel superhero movies,) - particularly the Captain America corner where Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes live.

...metaphorically. Although I'm sure they'd think it was mildly hilarious to live on a street named after Cap.

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Since I couldn't find any fanfiction based specifically on this series that I wanted to rec., I decided to trawl through my relatively extensive archive of fic recs to pick out a handful of my faves featuring Sam and/or Bucky.

(This is the upside of having a shared cinematic universe - the downside is catching up on content if and when you fall behind so that you know wtf is going on 😅)

If anyone has any recs for fics based on this current series, please send 'em my way!

Also, it struck me that I see far less quality fics about Sam than about Bucky, so if you know of any good Falcon ones, lemme know!

Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan): What's our plan?
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Content Warnings are in the original rec posts (linked after I've finished talking about each fic) - but please also pay attention to the author's tags, and take it easy in case I missed something.



If They Haven't Learned Your Name By Now by silentwalrus is a fic I will forever rec.

I first rec'd this way back in November 2018 - over two years ago, and it's made its way onto a fair few rec lists of mine. It still stands out in my brain as one of my favourite fics of all time.

It's full of action and awesomeness, but focuses heavily on self-care and recovery from trauma.

I love it. It's 500 pages of a metaphorical nerd-hug, mostly Stucky-based, but also with some genuine awesomeness from Sam and Black Widow.

(Original rec post here.)

(Fandom notes: Stucky = sexual/romantical relationship between Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers)

the kindness of strangers by deathsweetqueen is random af.

It's basically Tony Stark (Iron Man) and Bucky wandering around a horror trope and making adult jokes - oh yeah, they're also boyfriends because fanfiction is v. Gay.

(Original rec post here.)

Be All You Can Be by flawedamethyst was one of my stand-out fics of 2020 (a year in which, dear Lord, I needed fanfiction!)

It's an interesting and hugely enjoyable take on a Soulmate AU with Bucky and Clint Barton (Hawkeye) which gives Clint the explicit deafness we have in the comics, and genuinely made me laugh more than once with the levels of snark.

(Original rec post here)

(Fandom notes: 

A Soulmate AU is an Alternate Universe where soulmates are definitively real - there's a lot of variation on the form this takes, but it's usually a normalised part of society.)

Chibi Sam and Bucky clasping arms
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Insomniac Support Group by rememberednoah is a fic where Bucky and Sam both go to... well, an insomniac support group. Clue's in the title, really.

(It's an Alternate Universe where they're not superheroes.) 

Sam also has a plan to make Stucky happen. Because he could see what Marvel denied 😇

(Original rec post here.)

Wait for the Stars to Catch You by DoctorMerlinReid is an awesome Crossover-y ball of angst.

It has Sam Wilson looking out for Klaus Hargreeves from The Umbrella Academy.

Because I needed the two fandoms I am most trash for to interact. Clearly 😅

(Original rec post here.)

A lot of these are v. angsty (because this is my reading life we're talking about,) so please be careful and mind the warnings!

Do you have any fic recs for these characters/this series?

Do you reckon Sam Wilson would want to make Stucky happen? (Assuming, ofc, that he wasn't interested in a relationship with either Steve or Bucky, or both, himself, because that's a possibility as far as I'm concerned)

Talk to me! 😎💬

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Cee! I'm sure Sam would want to make Stucky happen, to be honest, probably everyone in the MCU wants to besides the Marvel writers themselves!

    1. Ha, I'm sure even some of them do, secretly ;) <3


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