Friday 27 August 2021

Friday Fics Fix - An Umbrella Novella


'Klaus claps his hands together. “Yay, sibling bonding time!”

Diego levels a stare at the medium. “We’re hunting a serial killer.”'

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We return to The Umbrella Academy (TUA) dearest nerdlets!

It turns out that there's a tiny corner of my brain which isn't entirely absorbed by Marvel superheroes, and the Hargreeves siblings from Netflix's adaptation of TUA have reclaimed their residence.

(As they should.)

While my Queer Queen Klaus Hargreeves does take a large role in this fic, as does bro Diego, the focus is actually big-little-brother Five.

(Yes, big-little-brother - time travel and superhero shenanigans. *shrugs*)

This fic sees Five trying to solve a string of murders that he thinks might be linked to one of the super-powered children who weren't adopted by Sir Reginald Hargreeves, and so are out there in the world somewhere, frolicking.

(Only this one isn't really giving 'frolicking' vibes, y'know? The vibes are more... homicidal and terrifying, than frolicky.)

This is a novella-length fanfic of 100+ pages.

- Which you all know I'm a fan of because the dedication involved in writing a fic of that length is amazing.

Five (Aiden Gallagher): What The Hell Did We Do Now?
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It's also more than a little disorientating - and this is done on purpose because the whole plot is based on mind-f**kery and not being able to trust your own perceptions of reality.

(...Y'know, typical Umbrella Academy fare, really! 😅)

But the reader is only as disorientated as the fic author wants them to be - this fic is clever. 

So clever I thought the author made a small-details mistake at one point, only for it to turn out to be part of the mindf**kery.

(Sorry if that's vague - I wanna stay away from SPOILERS!)

We got angst, we got mystery, we got family dysfunction - what more could you want?

Oh, it's also SPOILER-y OK? SPOILERS! SPOILERS! There are SPOILERS!!!!!!

There are a lot of Content Warnings to be aware of here - this fic deals with some dark sh** in places, so be careful, OK?

- murder (GRAPHIC)

- violence (GRAPHIC)

- torture (GRAPHIC)

- injury (GRAPHIC)

- GRAPHIC drug use

- addiction

- abduction, including (pseudo) child abduction

- grief

- hallucinations

- child abuse (mental, physical)

- reference to potential child sex abuse/assault

- horror elements

- corpses

- family issues, b/c Umbrella Academy

- reality-questioning levels of mindf**kery always, please be aware that I might have forgotten something, so be careful dearest nerdlets!

This week's fic, then, is:

Here, Beneath My Lungs by beastboy12

Do you like longer-length fics?

Do you like (purposely) disorientating plots?

Talk to me! 😊💬

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  1. I was wondering when we'd see TUA again! Honestly good on this author for writing such a long fic. A testament to talent for sure!

    1. Ha, I try to mix things up! It's generally dependant on what my brain wants to read though, which is why we end up with running themes!

      Yep - gotta love it! <3


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