Thursday 30 September 2021

Comics Wrap-Up - Woke Up Today, In A Van


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It's Thursday, the UK has entered the 'fuel shortage' stage of whatever apocalyptic media it is that we're currently inhabiting, let's get some superhero-y comics-y goodness!

TV Shows

Another look at Marvel's What If..? using my (in)accurate summaries and general thoughts - this time on episode 7: What If... Thor Were An Only Child?


Summary Part 1:

Frigga: No parties

Thor: ...Of course not *fingers crossed behind back*

Frigga: Ugh, I don’t believe you for an instant, but I need this vacay more than I need the nine realms to be in one piece when I get back

General Thoughts:

(Warning: brief discussion of racism and colonial practices, brief references to nuclear weapons and general violence)

I have an on-going theory that the writers of this series are the most serious of fanfiction devotees - especially crack fics.

This episode went a long way to proving me right.

(Fandom notes: 

Crack fics are fics which contain the surreal/batpoop bizarre - think peak Internet humour, Charlie-the-Unicorn-style randomness.)

I present a brief dossier of batsh**tery:

  • Howard the Duck and The Grandmaster (En Dwi Gast) are somehow both at this Vegas party
  • Fandral has a goat named Gary. (I love it!)
  • En Dwi’s DJ’ing, apparently.
  • They called Thor's mother when sh** got real. 

And in case you missed that: DARCY MARRIED HOWARD THE EFFING DUCK!

The writers have officially read too many crack fics – I see you, Marvel writers, I know what’s going on here.

I swear to God, Marvel, quit letting your milennial writers drink coffee and overload on sugar while reading AO3! (Also: where is my recruitment letter? #Rude)

(Fandom notes: 

AO3 = An Archive Of Our Own - the largest and most... varied... of dedicated fanfiction websites.)

Also, is… is Rocket Raccoon sleeping in the sink in the morning-after scene? 

That’s kind of adorable. 


So Loki is prince of Jotunheim? Good for him!

I love Jotun!Loki – he’s so happy! (I love normal Loki too, let's be honest - all the Loki variants are good with me! 😉)

But it turns out stealing a child from their culture, and then teaching them that their race are all evil monsters can make them pretty messed-up, mentally and emotionally?

And not doing that gives them a happy life where they appear to have embraced their identity and feel happy in their own bodies?

*looks at camera* 

Wow, Odin, who would've thought?

Low-key Loki anti-colonisation/anti-forced-assimilation politics, and I'm here for it.

There is something so satisfying about the way Carol fights.

I mean, Captain Marvel is just awesome-sauce in general, but the way she doesn't put up with the dramatic monologuing b*llsh** is amazing.

And she's got Thor's number - she knows he's a loser frat boy who's been left off the leash too long, and she is not putting up with any of it.

Wow, Maria Hill’s really nuke-happy, though – Carol's there trying to explain to her the meaning of 'proportional response' and she just wants to blow sh** up!

Summary Part 2:

Maria: OK that’s it, this is too weird and I don’t have Fury’s weird hang-ups about asking for help

Coulson: Call Carol?

Maria (nodding): Call Carol.

Summary Part 3:

Carol: I’m Captain Marvel

Frigga (mentally): OMG IT’S CAPTAIN MARVEL!!!! RFHGOFRTNGL!!!! OK, play it cool, Frigga. You’re gonna come across like a total awkward fangirl.

Frigga (out loud):
I know who you are. Thank you for pulling Thor’s head outta his a** and kicking his butt halfway across the planet.

My pleasure.

Other Stuff

YouTuber/TikTokker Nicque Marina has her own hilarious summary of Marvel's What If... Thor Were An Only Child?

(Warning: jump cuts which may create the affect of very mild flashing images, SPOILERS, references to violence and nuclear weapons)

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Last week's Friday Fics Fix talked a twisty-turny Umbrella Academy mission fic.

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And to end, as is traditional, with some more shameless self-promo - 

You can check out my (in)accurate summary of episode 6 of Marvel's What If...? (What If... Killmonger Rescued Tony Stark?) on Medium here, and my general thoughts on that episode on Medium here.

Or you can check out both right here on Dora Reads, in last week's Comics Wrap-Up

Have you seen this episode of What If...?

Do you think the writers have been reading a tonne of fanfic?

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  1. I think it would be smart, and it's probably likely that the writers of What If... are reading fanfics. They probably want to go with what the fans think would be a cool story! I didn't love this episode from a plot perspective, but I thought it was fun.

    1. I think for legal reasons they're not allowed to *admit* they're reading fanfics, but they are so totally reading fanfics! There is no way some of this stuff is not coming from fanfics! Lol. I think we need fun episodes of things every now and then - especially given how grim some of What If...? have ended up being!


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