Thursday 23 September 2021

Comics Wrap-Up - Too Good To Be True, What Chance Did You Stand?


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It's Thursday, this is Dora Reads, so let's get some comics-y, superhero-y goodness!

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A look at What If...? episode 6 - 'What If... Killmonger Rescued Tony Stark?' featuring my (in)accurate summaries, and general thoughts 😊

A reminder that all my What If..? content contains SPOILERS because it's not easy to talk about this series without them!


Summary Part 1:

Pepper: Who is this bi**h?


Pepper: No, really. Who is this bi**h?

General Thoughts:

Quick accessibility note:

As someone who had an active migraine at the time of watching this episode, I appreciate the warning in the corner of the screen that this might contain flashing lights/edit patterns.

Most of you probably don't even notice it being there – it’s so small, but such a truly important reminder to me and others with light-sensitive conditions to be aware of sensory input while watching.

A lot of companies - including major TV networks - simply don't bother.

So, thank you, Disney, for being aware of your viewers with disabilities and medical conditions on this.

Not gonna lie, the way Killmonger took Obadiah down at the press conference was perfect.

Like, there was something so satisfying, even knowing Killmonger was probably up to something, in seeing Obie taken down in public so thoroughly. (Also the 'receipts' line made me lol!)

Maybe that's mean of me, but then he was doing under-the-table arms deals with terrorists so... *shrugs*

I think Tony Stark would benefit from watching some sci-fi, and realising that nothing good ever comes outta building a robot army.

Like, between this and Age of Ultron, Tony, I'm starting to think its your destiny to make at least one killer robot in every timeline.

And like, how hard is it to not build killer robots? I do it all the time Tony - just by not building killer robots. You might wanna try it 😉

Also, I'd just like to add: the US invading a foreign country on flimsy circumstantial evidence of possible wrong-doing?

*Looks at camera*

Who’d’ve thought?

...but seriously, that was low-key a way of slipping some political commentary in there without people noticing, and I'm proud of the writers on this one 😅

Summary Part 2:

Shuri (in Wakanda): Who is this bi**h?

Pepper (out of nowhere, seemingly a non-sequiter, at home in the US,): I know, right?

Later, in the US

Shuri: Oh, we’re gonna get this bi**h

Pepper: Hell yes!

Other Stuff

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And to end, as is traditional, with some more shameless self-promo:

You can check out my not-so-accurate summary of What If..? ep 5, What If... Zombies?! on Medium here, and my general thoughts on that episode on Medium here.

Or you can read all of that right here on Dora Reads in last week's Comics Wrap-Up here.

Have you seen episode 6 of What If...? What did you think?

What comics-y stuff have you been enjoying lately?

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'Too good to be true, what chance did you stand?' is from Run Rabbit Run* by The Hoosiers

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  1. I liked this episode! I thought it was kind of messy... but in a good way. I also did appreciate the flashing lights warning. I'm glad that resonated with you, Cee!

    1. I think 'kind of messy... but in a good way' sums it up well! ;) <3


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