Friday 24 September 2021

Friday Fics Fix - Umbrellas In A Burning Building


'"What’s the plan?" Diego asked. 

Five rolled his eyes. "Stay out of my way."'

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Last week I brought you a The Falcon and The Winter Soldier (TFATWS) mission fic, this week it's the turn of The Umbrella Academy (TUA).

Even though we barely see any actual missions in the TUA series, because the Academy is more-or-less defunct by the time we properly pick up the story, mission fics are still a fave of this fandom.

(Fandom notes: 

mission fic is a fic based on action/adventure media where there's a central, stand-alone-episode-style, adventure-based storyline. May or may not be based on a military mission.)

I didn't realise when I decided on this fic for this week's rec, but I actually rec'd a TUA novella-length fic by this fanfiction author a little while ago.

Not that that necessarily makes them a 'good' fic author - but it does clearly make them an author I enjoy reading. 😅

This fic was full of a combo of twists, turns, and entertainment.

I wasn't expecting it to take the directions it did - which is impressive, because I read a lot of fanfiction, so I can usually see where these things are heading a mile away.

Five Hargreeves (Aidan Gallagher): It was a simple task!
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We're focussed on two of the Hargreeves siblings - Diego and Five - here, with m'boy Klaus coming in towards the end.

The whole fic is based on a save-kids-from-a-burning-building set-up, but it somehow manages to encompass a lot more.

Oh, and there are probably SPOILERS for at least some things in TUA here, OK? 


A few things to be aware of with this one:

- fire (throughout, often graphic)

- violence

- murder

- graphic injury and/or gore

- blood

- kidnapping/abduction

- references to terrorism

- family issues, b/c Umbrella Academy

...I think that's everything, but as always, be careful in case I missed something!

This week's fic, then, is:

Vacancy by beastboy12

Do you have particular fic authors you enjoy reading?

Is it hard for plots to surprise you? Or are you always surprised?

Talk to me! 😎💬

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  1. I am an easily surprised individual. I’m not really good at picking out twists, which makes thrillers and mysteries very fun journeys!

    1. Ha, fair enough! I can usually see things coming - which is why I'm so impressed when I don't :)


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