Friday 5 November 2021

Friday Fics Fix - Frosted Fears


'The flicker catches, spreads, a surge of certainty that this, all of this, is wrong, that there’s something missing, as though he’s been looking at everything through a blur, like the heat-haze above an open fire, ever shifting and obscuring the truth.

Tony grabs Loki by the collar, shoves him, not nearly as hard as he’s capable of, but hard enough.'

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It's been a surprisingly long time since I rec'd FrostIron.

It's time to rectify that 😉

(Fandom notes: FrostIron is a sexual and/or romantic relationship between Tony Stark and Loki from the Marvel movies. After the initial 'WTF?' you will realise that it actually makes a lot of sense.)

Tony wakes up in a world of nightmares, not sure if he can trust his own senses.

And then he finds that Loki's there too... dun-dun-duuun!

Not knowing whether he can trust the badly-injured Loki, Tony finds he has little choice but to travel with him, if he wants to survive the things this world has in store.

There's also some mild SPOILERS for the first Avengers film

 - I don't know whether we, collectively, still need a spoiler warning for that film, but have one anyway!

This is slow-burn FrostIron

 - which makes sense, because as far as Tony's concerned there is a 50-100% chance that Loki's responsible for this sh**.

It's also well-written and super-atmospheric, so I had no choice - I had to rec. I am but a simple fic-recc'ing book blogger - do not blame me 😉😅

(Fandom notes: slow-burn is a romance that takes a while to get moving in the romantic direction.)

This fic also makes use of fanon for Avengers: Assemble.

(Mild SPOILERS ahead)

The fanon for Avengers is so well-established, that I no-lie often forget that it's not canon, and end up yelling at the screen when Loki's asked why he went all invader-y on New York: 'LEAVE THE BOY ALONE!!! HE HAD NO CHOICE!!!'

Loki (Tom Hiddleston) in TVA uniform, holding daggers: few questions
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(Fandom notes: 

Fanon is headcanon that is so widely accepted within fandom that it is treated as canon.

Headcanon (aka Headcannon, cos it blows your mind) is something an individual accepts as canon, despite there being no official explicit canon to back it up. 

This is often something that can be extrapolated from canon - e.g. there being a specific reason behind a fear, a friendship, an attitude, etc.

Canon is the official, on-page/on-screen stuff that happens as part of a book/series/whatever.)

So, the basic fanon is as follows: Loki was tortured and/or mind-controlled to invade Earth by Thanos.

Details vary - was it the influence of the scepter, (the same scepter which mind-controlled Clint)? 

Are Loki's dishevellment and apparent injuries at the start of the film proof of going through sh**? 

Does the general illogicality of Loki's plan, despite his usual intellectual brilliance, mean that he was purposefully trying to lose to the Avengers?

...When you accept this rabbit-hole, in whichever permutation you prefer, it All. Makes. Sense. (To me and a lot of fans, anyway!)

So, yeah, this fic uses that fanon.

As many fics do, because fan creators are all about the self-indulgence and going places that mainstream media has failed to explore. 😅

Some Content Warnings for this fic:

- blood

- injury

- death and grief

- field surgery/making your own needle to stitch up a wound (GRAPHIC)

- general violence

- referenced torture

- psychological f**kery always, check the fic author's tags, and be careful while reading. #ReadSafeDearestNerdlets

This week's fic is:

A Dream Itself is but A Shadow by thebifrostgiant

Are you a FrostIron fan?

Are you aware of the Avengers fanon? Do you agree?

Talk to me! 😘💬

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