Thursday 23 December 2021

Comics Wrap-Up - Though It Never Really Snows, It's More Like Horizontal Sleet

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It's Thursday, Christmas is so close, let's get some comics-y superhero-y goodness right here on Dora Reads!

TV Shows

OK, Hawkeye episode 5

There's a clear-marked spoiler section, and everything else should be spoiler-free 👍


OK, it's OK, I'm done.

No, wait -


Ok, now I'm done.

Phew! I mean, I suspected most of the big-bad-type-business going on here, but still having it confirmed is like... phew!

And yes, I am very pleased with these developments 😎

Maya from Hawkeye (in ASL): Remind me. Who's in charge?
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One thing that did bug me in this episode was dumping in stuff related to the Black Widow movie.

It only came out a few months ago, Marvel, and not all of us have got around to seeing it yet. 

The MCU is well over 50 hours, all in all, and adding to it at an extreme speed - people have sh** to do, Marvel, we can't keep up.

Saying that, I'm used to reading comics. 

And given that Marvel comics has been established since 1939, and therefore had over half a century of content before I was even born, I'm kinda used to just rolling with whatever's going on.

Trust me, dearest nerdlets, if something's important to the plot they're gonna mention it. Probably a lot.

But I realise that not all readers/viewers have the level of 'just go with it' that I've developed over the years when it comes to having a tight grip on the details, so I'm affronted on your behalves, OK? 

A shared universe is one thing - expecting people to be familiar with every single facet of it is another.

Without going into spoiler territory (that's the next section, after all,) I'd like to say that while I appreciate the Queer vibes, Marvel, if you're not going to actually do anything with them, then most of us would prefer you just stop.

OK? We've had enough of the Queerbaiting now. 

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier (TFATWS) proved just how much you're willing to dangle the potential of Queer rep. with no intention of following through.

So, make it happen, or stop it. Cos we can't take this sh** any more.

I also totally love that at least one of the dude-bros of the Tracksuit Mafia realises they look like Chas Tenenbaum from The Royal Tenenbaums.

Because it's what my brain has been telling me all series 😅


OK: Yelena. 

Chibi Yelena dancing with mac n cheese and hot sauce
Via Giphy

I haven't seen Black Widow, so this was my first introduction to her.

I kind of love her. She's batsh**. 

And I related to her almost as hard as I do to Rocket Raccoon. (Yes, I'm worried about me too.)

I also appreciated the Sapphic Staring™ we had going on between her and Kate - but please, Marvel, as I said earlier, don't go messing with my little Queer heart; make it happen, or stop with the Queerbaiting.

And all the hints and clues have finally led to The Kingpin!

Argh! While not my fave Spidey/general Marvel villain, by any means, he always makes for an excellent bad guy - I've loved watching heroes defeat him since I was a teensy babbi watching Spidey cartoons!

And Clint going all Ronin again?

I almost thought he'd do it, for a minute there, Marvel - well done. 

Even though she has her own spin-off coming, I almost thought Clint'd kill Maya and the TV series would be like a prequel or some sh**. Like you did with Black Widow.

But no - I should never have doubted our boy Clint!


Other Stuff

Mara Franzen @ Book Riot provided this awesome list of holiday-special-comics

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And to end, as is traditional, with yet more shameless self-promo: you can see my thoughts on episode 4 of Hawekeye on Medium here, or in last week's Comics Wrap-Up here

Happy Xmas dearest nerdlets!

Have you been watching Hawkeye?

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  1. I hope you had a great Christmas, Cee! I'm sorry for not being around as of late. But, I am slowly starting to make a return! I haven't started Hawkeye yet (I'm rewatching Buffy currently), but I will get to it soon! I got some great comics for Christmas as well so I'm looking forward to reading those :)

    1. Thanks Em! Hope you had a good Xmas too.

      No worries - thanks for popping in/on/whatever-preposition-is-necessary to read & comment! XD <3

      Hope you like Hawkeye - and that you enjoy all the Buffy and comics! <3


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